Friday, June 1, 2012

He Shoots Blanks.....

Here is a story of a friend who was willing to share her experience with me. The names have been changed, any resemblance to a real person or scenerio is a coincidence

Meme met her husband  in a bus on her way to lectures at the University of Lagos. They became friends and it wasnt long before they became inseparable. Tobe was a cool guy, he treated her nicely and was very understanding and supportive of her career advancement.

It didnt come as as surprise therefore, when Tobe proposed to her after 14 months of dating. Meme being overwhelmed with joy accepted the proposal. Meme's parents accepted Tobe even though they are from different tribes.

A wedding date was set, and so it was that they became husband and wife.
Ofcourse after a couple of months, everyone started lookng to see Meme's protruding stomach. Even Meme was anxious to become a mother.

A year passed no sign of pregnancy, and then 2 years..not even a miscarriage. Meme and Tobe decided to seek medical solutions. At first, Tobe was very reluctant to go to the hospital with her, saying that they was nothing wrong with them and they should wait for God's time. After much persuasion they went to see a renowned gyneacologist, who after several tests confirmed that there is a problem, and the problem is that Tobe is shooting blanks.

What does it mean to shoot blank you may ask?
It means Male Infertility. Wikipedia defines it as "the inability of a male to achieve a pregnancy in a fertile female. Male infertility is commonly due to deficiencies in the semen".

Male infertility accounts for 40% - 50% of infertility issues, and can be caused by a number of factors.

Back to the story above, it turned out that Tobe was aware of this problem but didnt tell Meme. Now they are both in a dilemma, especially as the pressure for a child mounts on Meme and she cant tell her relations about this issue.

As a friend, i have encouraged her, to trust in God who can turn every situation around, and also seek  medical ways to solve this problem.

Do you know anyone with such an experience, or similar experience, please tell us your story...

One Love..


  1. The man should apologize to his wife for hiding such an important issue.Also they both needed to contact an expert and sort the matter before families are involved! ICSI( Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) could also be considered.


    1. Thank TMJ for such insightful information. I sure would get the info across to my friend.

  2. Medical attention will help sort out this anomaly. He, however, needs d support of his wife this period. This can be particularly depressing 4 a man, knowing that you cant impregnate a woman is demoralising. i wish them al the best.

  3. Hmmm, its so sad, but then marriage is for better for worse, and am sure that the issue can be solved.There re so many infertility clinics now,i'll advice that they visit one and above all keep trusting God cos he is the giver of everything.


  4. This kind of situation is rampant amongst couples but they dont disclose or share. Sometimes,its good to keep it to yourselves and seek the face of God and medical attention while sometimes its good to share with friends and family who will be genuinely concerned and be ready to intercede on behalf. Which ever decision the couple takes, they should stick closer than before and be there as support and source of encouragement for each other. Strong believe and trust in God and total love for each other, will give them eventual victory.


  5. Medical attention very good, to me there is no impossible case with God. as long the guy can disclose his crises to hie wife. If the the wife can forgive him then the two can agreed in prayer and the prayer of faith can sort this issues. there is no impossible case with God, with God all things are possible. My stand is that they stick to God for intervention.

    1. Yes i totally agree that there's no impossiblity with God. He can turn every situation around for the best.

  6. Na wa oo.. this your story na true life oo..i just watched a nigerian soap opera,i cant give out the name, becasue them no pay me for advert, but on that episode, the wife discovered after 3 years of marriage that the bobo shoots blanks, and just like your story, the bobo knew. Na real wa..wonders would never end..


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