Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Podcasts - Self-development on the move.

Hi Lovelies,

This year I set out on a journey of self-development and character building, in order to upgrade my life. Looking at months gone by, I can categorically say I have moved from my baseline to level 1 in terms of self development. I have read books, attended a master class, and listened to a few podcasts.

I realised that podcasts resonated better with me, they fit into my lifestyle without exerting too much effort. I could easily pop in my earphones and listen to podcasts whilst on my way to work, or while doing my school runs, cooking or on the bus going to the nail studio.

My popular podcasts have been "Jesus and Jollof " by Luvvie Ajayi (The Do-Better Manual) and Yvonne Orji (Insecure). This podcast is filled with humour and encouragement. Luvvie and Yvonne, talk about the challenges they have faced in their industry, their strength of character, faith and most importantly resilience. I always listen to "Jesus and Jollof" on full blast while cooking via my Bluetooth speaker. If you are a Nigerian in diaspora, and you need a podcast that gives you a flavour of "Naija" and contemporary issues, then you need to listen to "Jesus and Jollof".

Some days ago, I was looking for podcasts that would inspire me, as I was feeling low. Then I came across "Chase Your Fears" by Dayhanna Costa and Peter Nagy. OMG!!!! this podcast blew my mind. It was what I needed to hear that day, the next day and today. Dayhanna spoke about confronting your inner bully, you know that little voice in your head ( your defence mechanism) that stops you from going after that goal of yours, or starting that business, or going back to school???? Yes, that's your inner bully.

She and Peter shared true life stories of how they overcame they set out to do the things they wanted to do ( starting the podcast) irrespective of their fears.

I have always read about facing your fears, and stuffs like that, but the way Dayhanna and Peter broke it down using the analogy of the bully in a child's playground, really resonated with me. If you are in a playground with your child, and a bully comes along to tell your child off, or tries to speak down to your child, the natural instinct and response will be to talk to speak up for your child.
Same thing with us, that voice that's always saying you are not good enough for that job, you cant speak in public, you cant start that course, you cant start that business, is just our inner bully. And just as you speak up for your child, you also need to speak up to your inner bully.

My first step therefore, as an action point is that, I have decided to do everything I have been afraid of doing, starting with cutting my hair ( I have been wanting to cut off my hair for years, but have not been bold enough) to revisiting old, buried goals.

I totally recommend listening to "Chase Your Fears" by Dayhanna Costa and Peter Nagy to everyone who needs to step out of their comfort zones.

On other matters, I cant wait to get my hands on Michelle Obama's memoir: Becoming. I read the excerpts this morning and its made me very tasty to read her book.

I leave you with this words " The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your utmost best today".

One Love

(photo credits: Google Images)