Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review - The Young Pope

Asides the crime series which I absolutely love, my new favourite series is The Young Pope starring Jude Law and Diane Keaton.

FIRST OF, I think Jude law is doing an excellent job in acting as a young pope with completely different ideas to old tradition and who isn't afraid to break the norm, who isn't ready to start a revolution.
Secondly, I like the opening soundtrack of the series, it sorts of opens up your mind to adventure...just like the old 007 movie soundtrack.
Thirdly, the opening montage is splendid. Especially when the young pope (Jude law) walks in slow motion down a corridor then suddenly he turns and winks...superb!!!
Fourthly,.I think this series would have been done on a huge budget. It's so beautiful and rich. Being shot mostly on location in Italy. The buildings, paintings, costume and over all atmosphere is so rich and full of the culture of the Catholic church.
Fifthly, for none Catholics like myself, it presents a beautiful glimpse into Catholism and the papacy.  
Finally, am not the least amazed at the politics that goes on at the  papacy. Politics is an inevitable human nature present anywhere we are gathered. I do love the different characters represented in the series. The dialogue is fluid. With beautiful witty sarcastic statements and responses by the young pope. You get the feeling that the young pope is a man of strong character, alert and on top of his game. I find it a bit humorous as well..
If you haven't watched it, I encourage you to...especially if you are one who likes to go against the norm ☺
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