Friday, December 30, 2016

My 2016 in 3 words


It's a few hours to the end of year 2016. Taking stock of my year I would say the summary of my year has been "stoop to conquer".

I had to go down low to rise up high..and i rose up strong. I am finishing my year stronger than i started it.
I made sacrifices ....made mistakes,
got my heart desires...learnt new skills,
made new friends...reconnected with old buddies, became a mum the second time,
became more patient ( thanks to my toddler), became more thankful...appreciated the fine things of life,
loved more....enjoyed sex more( very important) appreciated myself more....achieved milestones, travelled less...cried a little,
laughed hard....screamed more ( can't help it when my son gets on my nerves)

In all i appreciate my God and maker,
my husband( the best man in the world for me),
my two wonderful boys ( i breathe through you),
my family ( dad,siblings and cousins),
my friends  and everyone who has had an impact on my life this year.

Signing out 2016.....Sign in 2017

Happy New Year in Advance!!!!!

Hope to see you there ( thanks to all those who read my blog this year and subscribed to my posts...I hope i can get you to drop comments in 2017)

Tell me about your year in 3 words

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