Thursday, October 20, 2016

What's the Color of YOur Heart?

As I sat at the train station in Rotterdam waiting to catch a train to Belgium, I couldn't help but notice the influx of people in and out. Different colors, nationalities, shapes, sizes. I just began to wonder what the color of their heart. I told myself I would ask a medical practitioner to shed more light on the human anatomy. Ofcourse I knew a little about that topic, having done Biology in Secondary School. But I was still curious to know from a professional's point of view.

What am trying to say is that, when a human is cut open, is there a difference in the heart for example. can you tell if a human heart belongs to a Nigerian or a Spaniard. Can you tell from a liver if it's Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa or Urhobo? Does the heart of a Scandinavian look and function differently from that of a Briton?

I most certainly want to believe there is no difference. That's why organs can be donated by anybody. Some years back I read about how the rich in developed countries lure people from poor Asian and African countries  to donate their kidneys for money.

You and I are not different in our bodies and emotions. We are only different in our minds, our visions, aspirations etc. Variety is the spice of life. We all eat, sleep, cry, smile, love, hate, get angry, laugh, use the loo (number 1 & 2) et cetera et cetera.

However, we want different things from life. Thats why some men prefer lepa (slim) to (Orobo) curvy women. While some ladies like their man dark and others fair. hehehehe. I once overhead a man saying he likes his women to have flesh on them . If that man was a Nigerian I could have bet he was Yoruba. lol. Yoruba men like fleshy women. If you don't believe me...ask around . lol.

I just find it very interesting that we are so different yet the same. I find it interesting the complexity of human nature and the simplicity and uniformity of our anatomy.

Howbeit, I learnt recently that our skeletons and bone structure are different. A documentary I watched recently identified a human skull found at an ancient site in China to belong to a man from middle east Asia. How did they know? well..they did some........ ( it's a long story).

Tell me, what's your thought on this.

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