Friday, October 7, 2016

Living the Social Media Life

Days ago news emerged that Kim Kadarshian had been robbed at gunpoint in a Paris apartment. It was said that jewellery worth about  €7m was stolen from her. Five men got into her room, tied her up, gagged her and locked her in the bathroom. The thieves made away with 2 mobile phones and jewellery worth about €7m.

It was said that days before the robbery, she had posted a picture on Instagram showing a huge diamond rock on her finger. That  ring is estimated to be worth about €3m and its one of the jewellery stolen from her. Kim had been attending the Paris Fashion Show.

So why am I talking about it?

Well, some security analysts say the thieves may have been alerted to the ring via pictures she posted on social media. Or, the thieves may have seen her up and about in Paris. Some others say the thieves may have posed as Paparazzi and tailed her to her hotel. Investigations are ongoing.

A lot of folks nowadays live their lives on social media. They document all their life activities on social media. They check in on their present location in Facebook, post pictures of their going out and coming in on Instagram.When they go to the market it's on fb, when they go for holiday it's on Facetime when they go to toilet it's on snapchat,when they sleep it's on Twitter, they eat they post pictures on Instagram...everything about their lives is documented on social media.
They alert the world to all that's happening to them and open themselves up to security risks.

Some houses have been burgled because the owners posted their present location  on facebook thereby letting the robbers know that are not home.
Really, except your making money via regular updates on social media, then you should be careful what you post on sm.

Am not saying people shldnt update their status or be active online....but heyyyy be careful. Social Media has it's plenty pros. Businesses around the world have used socail media to boost sales.  People have become Insta-celebrities and millionaires. There is a lot of good on social media as well as bad. It's left to you to utilize it to your interests.

On other matters.I came across this on Twitter #RunwithOmojuwa. I sent a tweet asking what the run is about. I got a response from #Truppr explaining that the Run is to raise awareness about health living and exercise. So to all my readers in Abuja and Lagos, you may consider joining in.

So I leave you with these words "Be the best of you"

One Love!!!
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