Saturday, September 10, 2016

That Thing Called Pregnancy Blues

Let's Continue from where we stopped the last time
So after that post, I had discussion a with a couple of female friends about the Blues, and I got different experiences. Just like one of my readers commented.

Infact a lady told me that asides the fact that her monthly cycle was missing, she couldn't tell she
was pregnant.  She didn't experience any morning sickness or blues. She sure is part of the lucky ones. 

Back to how I shook off the blues, I consciously started watching comedy movies. I must at this junction, I appreciate NdaniTv for their wonderful YouTube channel that hosts very nice programs. I was initiated into watching "Skinny Girl in Transit", "Rumour has it", "Officer Titus", "The Interview". I truly realised what the Bible says about Laughter being medicine for the body. I was 'healed'by laughter.

I shouldn't forget to mention that during that period I found it very difficult to pray, hence I relied heavily on the prayers in church on Sundays and my reservoir of prayers.

Well, eventually the blues passed.Towards the end of the second semester,there was a turn around in my demeanor. I returned to my cheerful self.

Fast forward to July 2016, after the whole bruhahaha of Labor (a story I will never share) I held in my hands a very beautiful baby boy. The arrival of my baby would permanently shake off any residual 'blues' and put me in a state of complete happiness and joy.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience,pls share yours

One Love!!


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