Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pregnancy Blues: My Experience

Hehehe...Happy New year to you all

I think its in place for me to say happy New year as I have been away from this blog since last year.

I truly couldn't help my being away. I had a personal project at hand that put me out of form for writing. I was pregnant and had writers block.

I have however completed the project  successfully and the deliverable  is a bouncing  baby boy.

Am  back now, feeling good and happy. I've got my mojo back to write.

My post today is about an experience i had during pregnancy. Something called pregnancy blues.

Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy cheerful and exciting time for women, but not everyone feels so. Especially during the first trimester, some women experience feelings of sadness, irritability and general unhappiness especially when morning sickness kicks in. This is known as the 'blues'

My Experience

I have to say that this was my second pregnancy hence I would call myself 'experienced'. So, it was all surprising to me that i was having the 'blues'. I mean, I was quite happy and in a good state of mind back then. So why did I feel down now? Why was i having felings of sadness instead of joy? Why was i crying unnecessarily?

I had very serious morning sickness during this pregnancy.I found it difficult to keep anything down. Always vomiting morning afternoon and night. I also had constant headaches...all this made me feel really sick and particularly helpless. Here I am with a toddler and husband to take care of,  yet i seemed to be the one in need of was saddening to me that I felt sick at all times.

 As a result I became eassily irritable.
I cut off from social media and my blog as well. I just wasnt in the mood to write or interact with anyone. All I wanted to do was be by myself.

I got pregnant during winter, so I used the cold as perfect excuse to stay indoors. That meant little exercise as well.

Occasionally, I had outbursts of anger and would lash out at my husband. He couldn't understand why I behaved that way, and even though i tried to explain to him, i knew he didnt understand.

The blues started around the third month of pregnancy and continued into the middlenl of the fifth month. So for those 2 months thereabout I wasn't in a good place.

One day I had a talk with myself, and I decided to find a way to snap out of the blues.

I resorted to music. I realised listening to music brightened my day. I wasn't listening to hip pop or the latest music, I started listening to oldies. Music from the 1980s and early 1990s.

Oh my, did I find music refreshing. I rediscovered Aretha Franklin, Anita baker, Michael Jackson , Majek Fashek, King Sunny Ade
And also Christian music from Nathaniel Bassey, Casting crowns,Tasha Cobbs and a host of other artists.

Asides music, I engaged in other activities that refreshed  me and gave me a new perspective to life.

Recently a pregnant friend said she was looking for the good in pregnancy. You know, that glow that most literature in pregnancy says every woman has especially in the first trimester. I laughed and replied that "she should keep looking, she'll find it soon".

In my next post I'll share other things I did to lift the 'blues'.

If you or any other woman you know have experienced the pregnancy blues. Kindly share your story. I'll love to hear from you.n


  1. Great blog. I haven't experienced it though but i hear it differs.

    1. yes dear it differs, some people never get to experience it. I wish I was like that. thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Awesome you snapped right out of it!! You go girl!

    1. oh dear....Reuben???ok ooo. thanks dear. had to find myself ooo, there was too much at stake


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