Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sharp Roman Cabbie


Its a chill sunny morning here, standing at the balcony of my hotel room in Rome.
I love this weather compared to the hot, dry weather back home in Abuja.

Talking about home..the wind of change has blown in Nigeria...Am so happy about it, happy that Nigerians stood up for change. I hope this new leadership will steer the country to greatness.

So back to my trip...the fun has just begun..will be giving you more gist as it unfolds.

Lest i forget, i had a rude reality check yesterday.
After our arrival, we took a cab to the hotel, and somehow my hubby forgot his laptop and shoes in the cab. Immediately we  noticed it, my hubby informed the hotel, and they promised to help get it back.  But the Nigerian instincts in us told us to go to the airport ourselves and get it.
So, my hubby went back to locate the cab. (did i mention that the cab driver was a lady who was on phone all through the ride from the airport to the hotel? which was a 3km journey)....well, when he saw her, she denied seeing the laptop, and asked him to check the cab himself.

My hubby didn't see the laptop where he left it at the back seat, but after checking severally, he found it hidden under the front seat, away from view. Luckily for him his British airways tag was still on it for identification.

You need to have seen the face of the lady. lol.... so, i said to myself (oyinbo too dey do sharp one).

Normally, upon seeing a forgotten item of a passenger, she ought to have returned it to the hotel where she dropped us. But then again.....it shows people are the same...whether in Nigeria or in Rome.

Anyways I didn't allow that one incident spoil my fun as I proceeded to enjoy Rome. Yeahhh I had a real Italian pizza. Lollll.

So Dearie's ciao!


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Glad you recovered your property. Have a lovely time in Italy.

    1. Yes thank God. It would have really hurt hubby if he lost it.

  2. Thank God it was eventually recovered. Have a beautiful stay and kisses to Prince William.

  3. **peeks in** It's been a while mami. How are you doing?

    1. Am fine mami. Am always off n on. I shld be stable soon. *winks

  4. Thank God he found it ooo...hmmmm...no be only for Naija o. But the lady no sharp wella, if na Naija driver, he for don go keep am somewhere else or carry am go computer village sharp sharp! Italianos still learning from Naijas!

    1. Lol.abi ooo...naija people na oversharp.com

  5. Hi! Glad the little incident didn't spoil your fun. Y'all be safe.



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