Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Love: A Consuming Fire

Hello dearies,

How have you been? i have missed you all lot. I have been really busy attending to issues of life. I was ill for a while, my baby was also ill...its just been full of one 'hullabaloo' or the other.

Something big is happening in my life right now...am going to share about it soon. (*winks)

As i was going about my activities yesterday, i read somewhere that Love is a consuming fire.
After much thought i think i agree with what i read.

Firstly i asked myself what exactly is a consuming fire?

If you've ever seen a fire outbreak, you would understand that Fire consumes whatever it sees in its path, sometimes even water. Especially if there are flammable objects in its path.
When fire meets a catalyst like petrol, diesel or kerosene it tends to ignite...and burn more violently.

Using that analogy lets look at love..true love is like a consuming fire. It consumes every feeling of insecurity, fear, anger, hatred, inferiority etc....If you've ever been truly in love you will agree with me.

However, am not going to write much about scenarios of how love has consumed whatever ill feeling or how love has changed a situation for good. Rather, i want you my readers to share you experiences of how True love consumed the negative situation and turned out for good.

Yes...i want to hear your stories..i want to know your experiences.....am waiting

Kindly holla back.

One Love


  1. Oh mami, it's been a while...are you back now??...and what is the news???....Grrrr...I am so dang impatient eh...Good to have you back mami.


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