Friday, February 6, 2015

#teeteemoviereview 4: Addicted

Its another weekend again......yeahhhhhhh!!!! and its time to wake up late, relax, do your house chores and watch a movie!!

So last month I watched this very interesting movie, and I think you'll enjoy watching it too.

Before I proceed, please do not watch this movies with kids around. It is rated 18.

Addicted is an erotic thriller movie that deals with infidelity in a marriage.  Unlike what most people think, its the woman who did the cheating.

The movie stars a lot of black casts like Tyson Beckford ( a supermodel), Sharon Leal ( Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married'), Boris Kodjoe (Kevin Hart's 'Real Husbands of Hollywood'), and those of you who are addicted to Mexican Soap Operas or Telemundo will be familiar with William Levy.

The movie follows the story of  a seemingly successful black woman who has a thriving business, loving husband ( the kind we all want), and beautiful kids. Underneath that beautiful life is her need for sex 24/7...I mean she literally cannot discipline herself.  She is a nymphomaniac.

Later on in the movie, I discovered she has sex with her husband like 2 to 3 times everyday, and she aint satisfied, and am like What????????? Anyways, since her hubby wasn't giving her enough of what she wanted, she had to go outside her marriage to get it, and of course things got ugly.  In fact very ugly.

For those of you who appreciate fine clothing.. you'll love the wardrobe of the lead actress, and the d├ęcor of her home. However, this movie has lots of sex scenes. Quite frankly, I never expected to see the lead actress (Sharon Leal) act such a sexually charged movie, with lots of sexual scenes and nudity.

Another eye catcher in the movie is Boris my, that guy is good looking and very fit. (Reminds me of my hubby. lol)

For me, the most important lesson from the movie is Communication in Marriage.

I sincerely think, the movie was well acted. Even though its a low budget film...and it made profit at the Box Office. As per ratings, it didn't do too well. But, notwithstanding, its a very interesting movie to watch, especially for couples.

#teetee'sRatings: 7

Anyways, please watch the movie and let me know your thoughts.


  1. Hiya Teetee...You okay?'s been a while..

  2. thanks mami, workload been high. how u doing? thanks for checking up on me.

  3. Yeah, i watched the movie in Jan. I agree with u,its interesting and yes i too was surprised about how lead actress was in the movie. For me she needed Jesus in her life

    1. oh yes she needed Jesus in her life like seriously gannnn


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