Friday, February 13, 2015

A KISS to my VALENTINES- A Photo Collage

Its Valentine tomorrow, so I decided to do a photo collage of my valentines.

God in His mercies blessed me with two amazing valentines. I have a big Valentine and a small valentine. For the big Valentine its about agape love, eros love and all the different kind of loves...while for my small valentine its Mother-Son love.

So here's a picture of my valentines

My love, my super hero...I love this guy to pieces..

 The day we said 'I DO'
So God added this little bundle of joy. My mushmush

My mushmush..his so adorable.

and full of dull moments

Here's my cutie..growing so fast..he fills my heart with joy.

So there goes my Valentines...aren't I lucky to have 2? God bless them Silly..

So how do you plan to spend your valentine? For me, I'll be visiting friends.

Meanwhile don't forget to watch a movie this Valentine. You could watch a romantic movie. If you want to be different, watch an action movie or a scifi movie. I'll recommend-Transformers -age of extinction.


  1. Lovely post and genuine ! Just what is needed. Better than reading and watching bad news in the media. Keep it up mama mush mush ... Europe fan

  2. Awww....I am loving this mami....You have you a quite family!

  3. Thanks for sharing, wonderful pics. God bless.

  4. Wow,happy family!God will continue to uphold your home with His love in Jesus' name。I love Prince William' eyes!

  5. This is nice. My prayer for and your family is that God Almighty will continue to fill your lives with laughter,merry good times, and beautiful things in Jesus name. Amen

    1. amen dear..and urs to pearl


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