Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello dearies,

Have you ever heard the phrase "Only the strong survive"?

Am sure most of us have heard it, and thought to ourselves its cliche, but until you face a challenge that rattles you and breaks you to pieces, would you realize how true it is.

I presently have a challenge and am trying to find strength and courage to move on or should i say am searching within myself for strength and courage to rebuild. Yeah....

Life throws us challenges that in our wildest imagination, we never thought we would encounter, but then at that junction when you feel all hope is need to find courage to go on.

As a woman, mother, wife and career person..i have realized that only inner strength can pull me through the challenges am facing. I have decided not to think of what other people will say, or what people will think...or their perceptions..No...i aint thinking about that.

2 weeks Friday from now, i had an experience that almost broke me..i mean...i cried again.(Y'all remember am still healing from my mum's death). This incidence opened up wounds....i was tempted to ask 'Why me'? In this new year?

But you know what i decided to do, i refused to call a pity party. I did not even tell my friends what happened.  I refused to let the devil weigh me down with thoughts of sadness and despair.i I wouldn't say i wasn't afraid, but i refused to remain in that state of fear and discouragement. I wouldn't say i don't have my down times, but i refused to remain in my down times.

So, in the midst of all these i decided to seek strength and courage from the place i know best..God.
And you know what, it worked... I buried myself in meditation and prayer..and i can say i am finding my strength to rebuild my life.

Am writing this to encourage someone out there...even when all hope is lost and it seems like your world is crashing....Be strong." Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning" (Psalm 30: 5).

But. lets analyse it..when you have a challenge..i mean a serious challenge that rocks your boat, what should you do?

Do you cry and wallow in self pity asking why me? or do you cry and ask yourself why did it happen? what lessons can be learnt from it? how can you turn the challenge into a testimony?

I believe no individual who is a success today, had a challenge-less life.

I mean lets look at Oprah Winfrey....She always shares her story of how she was abused as a child..yet she is successful.

Lets look at Pastor Joyce Meyer..she also had her challenges..but she is a great woman of God now.

Coming closer home, Patoranking the music artist used to sell rat poison in traffic.

I mean, how can life be spicy if there are no challenges..hehehehheee.

You see, while going through these stuffs that happened to me (and am still in it), i said to myself
"Tee, you always pray for do you expect to give testimonies if there are no challenges?". How true, we often pray for Abraham's blessings, but can we truly bear the test Abraham had to bear?

Point is, in the midst of our challenges, we require strength and courage.
Strength to move on, and courage to take new steps and do things differently.

So dearies, if you've had a back-breaking challenge recently, i would like to hear from you.

One Love!!!


  1. Very inspiring.

  2. Waddup Teetee!!! How are you doing mamacita? are stronger than I actually thought, this posts proves that...Mami, when I am down, I tell myself this, 'Niesha, you CAN NOT afford to be down or stay down!!! PICK YOURSELF UP NOW!'.....mami, I speak to my spirit mehn cuz in this life, you really can't afford to stay down. It is well eh..

    1. My mentor.....thanks for the encouragement. means a lot to me. Yes, we cant afford to stay down. Life happens to us all. A lot of people have their stories too. It is's mofaya?

  3. This is very inspiring Teetee。。。
    Yea, life itself is full of some ups and down。Have had my own share of some its beautiful and sad moments of it, but coming out strong is where the strength and courage lies。
    I love the bible quote you reference, "be strong and courageous",its one of the bible references that keeps me going too in such situations。
    The Lord is your strength on what you are facing at the moment dear。


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