Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year..New Goals.. What's Yours?

Happy New Year People...

Just getting back from my yearly break..which also includes break from blogging.

I enjoyed my holiday, i hope you did yours?

So its 2015, thank God for Life, health , hope, faith and the rest of things we always pray about.

Prior to Jan 1, 2015..i had started making a mental note of what i would like to achieve this year, how i would live this year and the rest.

Naturally, am not the type to make new year resolutions,but this year am gonna make them. Although i havent fully analyzed or thought through my resolutions, but i have started doing the key ones.

For me, this year is a year of change. Change old ways and do new things.

So friends, lets talk. What's  your plan for the new year.

One Love!!!


  1. Muah!!!!...I miss my Teetee!!!...Happy New Year darling....Uhhh I don't do New Year Resolutions mehn...not my thing at all....I hope you blog more this year tho'....

    1. *smiling*......i miss you too..good to be back..u know i knew you woudlnt be one to do New Year Resolutions intend to blog more this year...looking up to you mentor .*bigsmile*

  2. Replies
    1. really? neither do i too..just want to try new things..which includes doing some things i dont normally do. But surely you have goals you wanna achieve. Don't you?

  3. I dont do new year resolutions 'cos i break theem even before the first quarter of the year。But above all resolutions i may intend to do, the one i always hold dearly is my walk with God。And i pray for more grace this year too。


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