Thursday, January 8, 2015

#FashionKnowledge 01: Know your shoes

Hello luvlies,

Some people call themselves Shoe junkies...i wouldn't say i am..but i would say i love Shoes. I love shoes, admire shoes, look at shoes, wish for shoes I believe your shoes say a lot about you.

Unfortunately, as much as i love shoes, i realized i fairly knew the names of the numerous designs on the market. So as part of my resolution to do new things, i decided to improve my fashion vocabulary, and whilst doing that i found this chart on shoes. I hope it will enlighten some one out there

So the next time you want to describe your shoes to your friends; you know the right names to use. (Please clap for me)

For ladies who like to wear formal shoes, here's another chart with the names of different styles

Lets improve our fashion vocab this year..shall we?

Thanks for dropping by... One Love!!!

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  1. I love your blog, it is really nice!

  2. Uhhhh....atleast now I know the names of these shoes...cuz I just call of them shoes...hehe...How are you doing mami?..

  3. Now i know that i put on some shoes that i never had the slightest idea of its name。Thanks for the info dear。


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