Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dear Woman, Please Be Patient..Patience is a Virtue.

Dear Woman,

Please be patient.

I am writing you this letter. Yes You Woman reading this post, or you Man who has a wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, niece, friend, female colleague etc.

This is a letter from my heart to you. I write you this letter because God laid it in my heart to share with you what he has been teaching me these past months.

Can i ask you a question? Please answer sincerely within your heart? Do you have challenges you cant talk to anyone about? Do you have challenges you have been praying to God about? Do you sometimes think that God doesn't hear your prayers? or may be His not just ready to answer you yet? Or maybe you are not praying well? Do you? If you do? or maybe He answers, but you haven't heard him? then my dear friend..i have good news for you.

Its called Patience.

In the past couple of months i have learnt a few lessons from my life experiences, and one of those lessons is Patience.

I have actually learnt to be patient with life's situation, especially when i know i have prayed to God about it. I have learnt that God cannot be rushed and His timing is perfect.

I have learnt that He (God) wants us to be patient with HIM, and not expect a NOW NOW response at all times. Of course, they are some things that God would do for us NOW NOW, but there are some that require patience.

A part of the bible actually says our light afflictions are for a while..that means our light afflictions require a little bit of time,hence patience from us.

One thing i have come to realize is that, eventually it would turn out JUST right. Please don't get me wrong...some things require QUICK action, but some things require patience....because 'its working out for our good'

So, in your marriage, you need patience, in your career..patience, in your finances...patience, dealing with friends..patience, dealing with in-laws..patience, achieving your dreams...patience, requiring a miracle..patience.

Hey!!! I hope i don't sound all spiritual and emotional ..loll.....its just sometimes, there's need for sober reflection.

So i say, God bless you SILLY!!


  1. Uhhhh...that is one emotion I struggled with mehnnnnn buh Thank God for today...things are changed...Howdy mamacita...

  2. am fine mami..its a difficult thing to be patient especially with all the pressures of society. I was in KL last year Nov. i wish i had known u then, would have paid you a visit.

  3. Nice write-up.. You penned down your thought straight from the heart.

  4. Patience...hmmm! it's one word had struggled with many times before, but thank God for the help of the Holy Spirit that is working in me to deal on that better now.
    That was a huge wisdom, thanks babes!


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