Thursday, October 9, 2014

Solidarity for Linda Ikeji

Hello peoples,

So yesterday was a rather interesting day, interesting because i never thought that my dear beloved blog would be taken down by Google, over what?

I am very saddened by this as everyday i take a dose of #Lindaikejiblog dose. I can candidly say as well as millions of other Nigerians in Nigeria and diaspora that i get most of my entertainment news, especially local Nigerian news from her blog.

So not been able to get that dose this morning is sickening.

I ask myself WHY WHY WHY??? why would Google to that to a thriving business. I mean, Linda's blog has encouraged a lot of us bloggers to blog. We hope to achieve her kind of success..

All this bad belle people....who are unhappy about her success. 'Diarisgod ooo'

So in light of this, i would appreciate if fellow bloggers can show solidarity for her. What can we do to help her? Do we write a petition to Google?

Suggestions pleaaaaaseeeeeee?????

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  1. Nothing! I'm happy she's back tho' and have learnt her lesson. she should also try to be humble.... as a blog visitor i saw her at surulere shoprite tried to say hello with all the excitement i could express... and dis stupid girl gave me a shitty look, like seriously, dat i was embarrased is and understatement. mean while we made her. buris all good tho' . . . . whatever rocks her boat.
    stopped going to her blog a lng time ago. and yeah she's got favourites so always ass licking!

  2. Wow that's nice of you. To think some kekere bloggers were happy when it happened beats me. I didn't see this earlier but I was praying for her. I hate when people blame people when they are in trouble, now she knows those who hate her and we all have something to learn from all these. I am impressed, you are such a sweet person.
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