Monday, September 22, 2014

SUNDAY POST: EVERY DAY IS A CHANCE- Geoffrey Oji (Project Fame 7.0)

Happy Sunday Y'all

So this Sunday, I did not go to church but i was tremendously blessed.

First of all, the fact that I didn’t go to church did not deter me from having service in my house. After all, the Bible says where 2 or 3 are gathered. So myself and family members (4 of us ) had church in the house. We did praise and worship, shared the word and prayed. (Oh we forgot to take offering). Now in the midst of this I got a personal revelation about my relationship with God. “Seek Ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and ALL other things shall be I have decided to SEEK….

Secondly, I also took out time to go visit a friend. Friends are angels like one of my friends said, especially when you have good friends. We had a good time chatting and exchanging laughs

Thirdly, there is this TV show I am addicted to..PROJECT FAME!!! Oh My, I love that show…thumbs up to MTN for such tremendous work. I must say #ProjectFame is the best TV Musical reality show in Nigeria. 

So on the show today I watched the various contestants perform their own songs and I was exceptionally touched by Ugo’s Rain on Me, and MOST exceptionally BLOWN AWAY by Geoffrey’s EVERY DAY IS A CHANCE…Oh my, the guy always blows my mind. Not only is he handsome (Like my hubby), he also has an amazing voice. 
Personally he is my favourite, and I do vote for him. 

I also have a special fondness for Clement as well, he is my second favorite contestant.

So back to Geoffrey’s Message… I don’t know but messages like this always get to me. He said 'everyday is a chance..give to someone and give to me….. '

His message was to touching, and very apt for the present day. Like Ms Bibi Brew said...its a positive message. So that's the picture of Geoffrey. He is a Nigerian living and schooling in Ghana. He is from Benue state. 

During the week , they had surprise visits from their family and friend, and his mum visited him. I appreciate the fact that he asked his mum to pray for him there. I mean, he knelt down and asked his mum to pray for him. Wow!!...such positivism and spirituality is commendable.

So finally, i had a good Sunday
, i was blessed spiritually, musically and emotionally too.
Hope you enjoyed your Sunday as well.

Thanks for dropping by

One Love!!!

Picture source: MTN Project Fame West Africa

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