Friday, September 12, 2014

Hey! Stop for a Minute..and Show Some Love

This post is inspired by Joan Rivers..May her soul rest in peace

My husband would testify to the fact the Fashion Police is one of my best TV shows. He knows that he can't change the channel when am watching Fashion Police. I love the show because of her comic and caustic analysis of celebrity fashion. 

So real was she, that she was never afraid or ashamed to throw jabs at herself.

However, what prompted me to write this post was when I watched the tribute to her on E, and I learnt about her philanthropic side. 

She founded a non-profit organization called 'God’s Love We Deliver', which started out by giving food to people living with HIV/AIDS in New York.

I was so touched by how seriously she devoted herself to that cause. So much so, that she donated her prize money at Donald Trump’s The Apprentice to the organization, which has now grown to provide food for people living with other diseases.

This got me thinking…and i asked myself the question? have I shown love to the less priviledged in recent times? I mean, if Joan could take time out of her very busy life to devote herself to such a cause, then what am I doing? apparently, am not as busy as she is.

Some may say 'Oh she’s got the money for such a feat'. Or you may say, 'am still hustling', when I ‘hammer’ I will donate. Well…you don’t need to have or own the whole world before you can give. I believe even in your down time, there’s someone who is worse off than you.

So hey! stop for a minute and show some love to someone around you. You may not be able to start an NGO, but look around you, there will be someone who will appreciate a little love. It may be your gateman, that woman that sells ‘boli’, or your office cleaner.

So dearies, in the midst of our hustle..lets stop and make a difference in someone’s life.

Adieu Joan Rivers…Inspector General of Fashion Police.

One Love!!!

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  1. totally true. too much selfishness in the world, we need to show love despite our financial capability. if you can't give out N1k on a N50k salary, you won't be able to give out 100k on a 100million pay.


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