Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jollof Rice + Moi-moi + Grilled Fish by IT Chef

This is a feature post by my friend IT Chef who likes to cook, she's always cooking 'orisirisi' delicacy, and as a food lover i wish we were neighbors. Hehehe..... if we were neighbors ehn, am sure i will be doing 'ojukokoro' lol. It brings to memory those times as a kid, when the aroma from your neighbors kitchen sip into your house, and you're like...why cant mummy cook like that?...Hahaha....well that never happened to me. My mum is a very good cook. (her head will be sswelling if she reads this).

Back to the foodies. Lets begin

a. Grilled Fish

-select any fish of choice
-clean and slice diagonally
-in a bowl mix your spices ( i used cameroonian pepper, lime or tangerine, basil, salt, curry, fresh persil, black pepper, garlic and grated onions)
-slice the sides of your fish and fill up with mixed spices
-squeeze some tangerine/lime for extra flavor
-rub the spices on the outside of the fish
-allow to marinate for at least 10 minutes

-heat your oven and using a brush apply olive oil (or any oil of choice) on the grill
-close the oven and allow to heat up
-the same way, using a brush gently brush some oil on the fish and place in the grill
-avoid placing fish too close to the fire
-grill eat side for 10 minutes each.
-Voila! our fish is ready


-peel beans, wash and blend
-add tomatoes, fresh pepper, garlic and onions into the blender
-blend till you get a smooth paste.
-mix in the remnant of your mixed spices used for the fish
-tie in little nylons using your preferred measurements
 (you can also use bean cake cups or moimoi leaves)
-cook for 20 mins or unti moimoi is cooked

c. Jollof Rice
-Use any stock of choice (chicken, fish, goat meat, turkey etc). I used
fish stock
-bring to fire
-add 2 spoons of tomato paste, squeeze in a whole lemon
-allow to cook for 5 minutes
-in another pot, pour in blended fresh tomatoes, pepper and onions
-fry with a little olive oil (Olive Oil is very good for your health) till cooked
-Add tin tomato if you wish
-Pour in your stock
-allow to cook for 5 minutes
-Put in a handful of salt in raw rice and wash with cold water
-when fried tomatoes is ready
-Pour in rice and allow to cook for 10 minutes
-When the rice is half cooked, and water almost completely dried
-Turn down the heat and cover pot with a thick nylon
-Cover pot with lid and cook for another 10 minutes
-Sprinkle Persil on top to add flavour

Voila Jollof rice is ready...

To serve
-Dish some rice, add moimoi by the side, and your grilled fish

Happy can spice it up with a glass of fresh juice, zobo drink or kunu.


(*i remember that song by Mike Okri..*singing*..dodo ati riceee ko gbo do ko ja , wa jeun jeun jeun, wa gba odo roboto)

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