Friday, August 8, 2014

Getting Your Mumjo( Mummy groove) Back. Part 1

Getting Your MumjoMummy groove) Back.  Part 1

So are you a new mother like I am? Or are you an experienced mother whose had 2, 3 or 4 kids?

Irrespective of how many kids you've had, one thing thats specific to motherhood is the changes in your body ( Shape, Skin elasticity, Complexion, Size).

Prior to being pregnant and having a baby, i used to tell myself i was going to be one hot mama. I thought all i had to do was watch my diet and do some exercises..but Voila!!! I can categorically say am so wrong.

For most women, except those with exceptionally good genes, we have to deal with lots of things like; stretch marks, sagging abdominal skin, change in skin tone and extra pounds of flesh. While some women loose their sense of style and fashion because of their new body shape. Some loose confidence in themselves, especially when they look into the mirror and see those stretch marks.

So, my question is as a woman and mother how do you get your groove back? How do you become that trendy, fashionista woman you once were?

I once watched an episode of Guiliana & Bill on E Entertainment Channel, and she used the word 'Mumjo' while referring to her mum's youthful and trendy looks. From her interpretation, Mumjo means Mummy + Mojo = Mumjo.

From my point of view and little experience, they are areas that a new mum or a woman who recently delivered should focus one.

1.Skin Tone/ Complexion

Pregnancy greatly affects the skin. Some women have smoother, supple skin during pregnancy. They even become fairer and look more beautiful in the course of those nine months, but after delivery their skin reverses.

On the other hand, some ladies become darker, have lots of acne, rough face and look very 'ugly' during this period, and after delivery their skin gradually returns back to normal.

Irrespective of how your skin reacts during pregnancy, after delivery take extra steps to take care of your skin. I call it 'pampering'. Pamper your skin, because your skin is you.

Although i use commercial products for my skin, am a sticker for natural, home-made remedies.

Examples of remedies you can use to pamper your skin are Tomatoes, Honey, Lemon, Olive Oil, Sugar, Cucumber.

You can also use commercial products.

In my next episode i'll be sharing tips on the home remedies and commercial products you can use, and their effect on your skin.

If you've got comments or suggestions, dont forget to drop a comment.

One Love!!!

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