Friday, February 7, 2014

Must You Wear RED for Valentine?

Must You Wear RED for Valentine?

Valentine is 7 days away., and a lot of people look up to that day to receive special gifts from their lovers, and sometimes go to special places.

Its that time of the year set aside for romantic dinners dates and getaways.

Most women like myself are thinking of what to wear for that special date, and most are thinking of something red. Please, can we break out of the mould and not wear red? Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!..

Last year, i did not wear red, and this year am definitely not gonna wear red. Here are a few suggestions of non-red attires, i hope they will inspire you not to wear Red

You can b daring and go leather..this black leather ensemble portrays confidence and power.
this is one sexy attire. an off-shoulder top with a high waist skirt. there's something flirt about it.

Textured green jacket paired with gray leather skinnies for a smart casual look- suitable for a casual outting or evening date

I particularly love this Pink handbag and shoes combo with a gray top and jacket. Very stylish chic attire

Floral skirt with blue sweater and blue peep toes. Please ensure you have the legs for this before wearing it. 

This cream coloured grecian dress is suitable for date late night dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Please this attire is for those ladies with legs.

This is a popular model and wife to a popular hollywood actor, what caught my attention are the leopard skin shoes. I know its a bit conservative, but it looks very classy.

So dearies, don't be part of the red crowd..stand out in something other than red.

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  1. Nice article indeed. I like to read more from you. Proudly Woman will indeed go global very soon..

  2. As for me, I won't wear red, but I won't mind being on my sexy red lips.


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