Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Everything New...New Name , New Ideas, New Vision

Hello my people.......

I am very proud to introduce this rebranded blog called PROUDLY WOMAN

This is the old blog with a new name, new graphics, new ideas, bigger vision.

The previous blog posts are still on the blog, and you can find them under the Archive section. However new posts will be categorised into Marriage & Relationship, Motherhood & Parenting, Food Recipes, Entertainment etc.....

Some people have asked me why the change.


Firstly, during my hiatus I had enough time to ponder and do some soul searching. This led me to reorganize my passion. I enjoy every facet of womanhood. I enjoy the complexities and intricacies that make us up. I see our lives as multi-faceted. So,I decided to channel my blog towards all issues that affect Womanhood.

Secondly, I deemed it fit to celebrate Womanhood. I am not pleased with the way women are represented in the society. How do I mean? Have you been watching the Nigerian Music videos lately? Have you seen the lewd music videos with almost-nude girls? The music scene is eroded with negative feminism. Young girls are portrayed as only sex-symbols. It saddens me greatly to see such.
So as much as its within my power to effect a change, I intend to use this blog as a platform to create a positive image of Women. I am a strong believer of  'You are the change you desire'.

Thirdly, I realised the previous name and vision of this blog was restrictive. It cornered me into a box, especially as  I had so much to write about. So it was an option of either creating other blogs to accommodate my writing urges, which I initially did OR I change this blog to accommodate my varied writing urges.

Fourthly and Finally, I was inspired by 'Black Girls Rock' an NGO in the United States of America. Last year I watched their annual Black Girls Rock Award 2012 on BET and I was so inspired by the positive energy. I was inspired by black women and young girls who were doing things to move their communities forward. I also watched the Black Girls Rock Award 2013 on BET last year, and it added to my resolve to be the change I want to desire.

One of my philosophies of Life is Change. Change is the only constant thing. I expect and accomodate change in all i do. Hence this is another Change, and i hope its a change for the Better.

Like i always say, I am open to positive criticism. Please drop a comment.

One Love

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