Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Husband Material Kinda-Man

This is for the Single Ladies...Yoooooo!!!!

Being single is a wonderful beautiful experience. Its fun, its exciting. It's that time you get to discover yourself, your values, your goals,have fun, enjoy friendships and mingle freely....

However, in the midst of the fun you are having, you want to transition to being a 'MRS'. Its very important to know when you have met the potential 'Mr Right'.
You need to know when to get serious with a guy that is lurking around you. Truth be told, there are techniques and strategies that can help you 'hook' that guy. But the important question is how then do you know if that guy is the one, or how do you ascertain he is husband material?  

Here are my 5 sure signs that he is a husband material kinda-man;

1. He is matured   
ma·tu·ri·ty - noun 

1.the state of being mature; ripeness: The fruit will reach maturity in a few days
2. full development; perfected condition: maturity of judgement; to bring a plan to maturity

Based on the dictionary meaning above, Maturity cannot be pegged to age. So therefore, a man is 33 years old, doesnt make him matured. A guy of 25 years old can be said to have attained full development ( physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and sexually) if he makes sound judgement.

Ladies, a guy who is not matured cannot function properly in marriage. He is a No-No..definitely not the Husband Material Kinda-Man 

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2. 8 out of 10 of his closest friends are Married

As the saying goes...birds of the same feather flock together. When 80% of a guy's friends are married, chances are his also searching. His friends would definitely tell him about their married life, which will either motivate him or demotivate him ( Lets hope he is motivated to get hooked!). They will invite him to family functions such as Baby Christening, Birthday Parties etc. These events have a way of ringing marriage bells in his head.

 3. He has a Plan and Vision

We all know the saying..He who fails to plan , plans to fail. The man provides leadership and direction for a home. If the guy you are with right now does not seem to have a plan for future growth, or worse still he is what i call NFA (No future Ambition)..Please my dearies...FLEE!!!!.
If he doesn't have a plan now, he most likely would not have a plan in 5 years time.

Unfortunately ladies, i'll have to finish up this discussion in my next post.

I would appreciate comments and suggestions from other ladies, especially on how to know the husband material kinda-man. I believe this would really help some sisters.

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  1. Hello Arhinola,
    This is very interesting, please give more details on indicators of maturity.

  2. Hit the nail right on the head.

  3. Nice topic and write up.Keep it up and please write more! cheers.

  4. A husband kind of man will show love and care.

    He will talk about his plans on settling down

    Yes I agree with Arinholar that he needs to be mature not in age cos age is just a number

    Girls be circumspect of guys that tend to spoil you too much, they may not be real oh

  5. All women should read this.



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