Friday, January 25, 2013

Keeping Up with the Naija trend 1

I know a whole lot of you would laugh off your seats just by the title of my post. I am also laughing my lungs out just by this title, its very interesting to me, howbeit true.

I just found a new hobby, which is reading up naija's entertainment gossip, and whoa its so interesting. I couldn't believe my eyes, or should i say my ears. The gossips, the gist, the trends, the tweets simply entertaining!

As entertaining as it is, one trend gets me worried, and that is the wave of Nollywood actresses snatching each others husband. Clearly, Nollywood is walking in the footsteps of Hollywood.

But why, not that i expect them to be highly moral, neither do i expect them to be role models (actually they are) but i just expect them to live up to expectations. Its most disheartening, when some of them, who i thought are decent( in my view) would be the gist of the husband-snatching saga.

Now, my own query is, what do they do with the words they hear in church? There's a particular actress and songstress who is the main character of my gist.. Although, am not particularly a fan of Nollywood, i still have a few i have a soft spot for which includes this lady, and am aware that she is christian. So dear actress, why would you snatch another woman's husband? i thought you go to church, is your action Christ-like? You've been married before, so you understand the dynamics of marriage, why are you causing pain to a fellow sister and actress?

Its sucha  pain and a sham what societal marriage is turning to, obviously religious and cultural values are been lost. What a pity

To other naija gist, another trend in the Nigerian entertainment industry is "babymamaing" Its not like women didnt use to have children for other men, but it just to be "old-school" kinda thing. To my dismay, its in the "in" thing, with young pretty ladies opting to be "babymamas" for entertainers. wa oooo...all these end time things..

Finally, another trending topic is " Lekki Wives" a new naija drama, following the lives and conditions of five women living, visiting and working in highbrow Lekki axis of Lagos. I knew it wouldn't be long before these imported reality shows become a trend in naija. But how well can this depict the real lives of the so called lekki wives? How will this impact on our society, some of these women are will it impact on their marriage, their relationship with their spouses and kids...i wonder...i wait in anticipation to see what becomes of it..

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