Friday, October 19, 2012

A classic case of Husband Battering

Hi esteemed readers, its been a very long time i wrote on this blog. I would like you to know that i did not write, not because i did not have anything to write about, neither did i not write because i had forgotten about my love for matrimony and gist. No, No and a big No. I did not write because life had a lot in store for me. I had to attend to personal leaps of greatness.Certainly, it is good news, great news and awesome news.

That aside, am back with a story that stroke a chord in my ears. It seems 1 in every 5 women have this experience in their marriage. But its strange to hear a man experiencing such in marriage.

I bring to you the story of a young man who found himself in a dire situation of Husband Battery

Ifeanyi is a christian brother who loved and trusted in God to guide him through his every decision and choice. As an eligible bachelor, nice looking with a good career at Shell, Ifeanyi found it very hard to choose who would be his Mrs. Reason being that he had a lot of female friends around him, so many of them offer to cook, clean and be there for him.But ifeanyi, had always maintained that God would choose his wife for him.

So when ifeanyi met Otaz, he believed he heard God tell him "this is the bone of your bone, and flesh of your flesh".

'Otaz was a very hot chic in her university days, in fact she won 'Miss Beautiful' in her hot she was that her male course mates did not have the boldness to talk to her. Am sure a lot of us know about such girls. It did not come as a surprise to anyone and everyone that her 'bobo' was a banker in town.

She finished school, and with the help of her 'bobo' she got a job into one of the new generation banks as a marketer. Being very beautiful  and attractive, she did not find it hard to get clients with big accounts, and that came at a huge cost.

Otaz had to use her body to get what she wanted...consequently, She became a big girl, living the life. In her closet were designers like Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Donna Karan etc. It had to be a designer or a no-no.

In the course of living the life, She developed a voracious appetite for sex and perversion. She attended wild sex parties, practicing bisexuality and high-class prostitution. 

When Otaz turned 30, she decided to start going to church, stating that she wanted to marry a church-man. She found a nice church far away from her vicinity and started attending diligently. It did not take long for her to be noticed, and all the eligible brothers wanted to be her friend...after attending the church for about 6 months, Otaz got engaged to Ifeanyi, a brother in church, and they started marriage counselling.'

Back to the story

Ifeanyi and Otaz's wedding was very beautiful and glamorous, after the wedding they went to Bahamas for honeymoon, and that's where their problems started. 

Prior to this, they had abstained from sexual contact, because Ifeanyi wanted to do things God's way.

It turned out the only way Otaz enjoyed sexual relationship is when there is violence attached to it. It is either Ifeanyi whips or beats her blue or vice versa. Ifeanyi couldnt believe his eyes when Otaz said she needed to be spanked. He thought it was a joke, until she stripped naked and showed him her back and buttocks.He was in shock when he saw whip marks.

Ifeanyi being a gentle brother could not see himself flogging his beautiful, delicate-looking wife, so he hesitated, before he knew what was happening, a big slap landed on his cheeks, and he was dazed.
Before he could recover from that, he felt the painful lash of a whip on his thighs. 
He didnt know when a scream escaped from his mouth.

Ifeanyi and Otaz have been married for 3 months now, and everyday of loving making is a pain, with Otaz inflicting serious damages on him. On a particular day he could not seat down, because his butt was swollen.

Ifeanyi has been praying for God to change his wife, He has spoken to his pastor about the situation. However, Otaz has insisted that she can not change because that's her style.

What should he do now? Its just 3 months of marriage. Should he divorce her and face public ridicule? Did he really hear from God when choosing his wife? or did he choose based on physical attractions? Should he run away and leave Nigeria to start a new life elsewhere?

Ifeanyi is in a dilenma.

When i heard this story i could not help but ask if it is a true life story, and the answer i got is Yes it is a true life story, happening to someone i know right now.


  1. This is a serious yet funny case,Considering the life Otaz had lived in the past its a shame there are millions of people like that in the Church today who goes to Church for the sake of getting married.In my own opinion she is really not into the marriage thing because she most have noticed that Infeanyi is not the type that would be involved in such a wild love making. Except ifeanyi complied he should accept that Otaz will go back to her vomit.
    Poor ifeanyi needs to make the decision and only him alone knows if God actually told him to go ahead with Otaz.
    Maybe they can go to a good hotel in an Island and sort things out and he should go with pankere(good cane).

  2. This story sound real, I advice that Ifeanyi gets a good cane manufactured in Italy to make a good leather this will solve all his marriage problem. Biblically cane is allow Jesus used in the temple.
    2. Spare the cane and spoil the child is a popular verse that correct attitutude . So if whipping will solve her need why not. How I wish she is my wife or I knew the girl ,I will be glad dealing excessively on bed.

  3. Hmm.. interesting story...very interesting indeed


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