Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why Do Married Women Cheat?

During the course of the last week, i read about a recent worldwide survey by a condom-producing company that suggested that Nigerian women are the most promiscuous in the world. At first, i brushed aside the news thinking to myself that such news was irrelevant to my life. Some days later the same news resurfaced again on the dailies of a Nigerian newspaper, this time they were stating their own opinion of the survey. As a matter of fact, they carried out their own survey among Nigerian women, and the results were amazing. Upon reading the response of the survey conducted by this newspaper, i concluded that although Nigerian women are not the most promiscuous, promiscuity has risen in Nigeria. Especially among the married folks (men and women alike). I decided to throw this topic to some friends, lo and behold ,a heated argument began. As i write this piece, the argument is ongoing.

I was under the impression that the result of the survey conducted by the condom-producing company was unfair to Nigerian women. I mean, are these women not the wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties in our society?

I decided to take it upon myself to do a little research, as to find out why married folks cheat and more specifically, why married women cheat. Here are just a few of the reasons i discovered.

Lack of satisfactory sex
Contrary to popular belief that women do not like sex....a lot of women love sex, and they appreciate good satisfactory sex with their spouse. When that satisfaction is not there, due to one reason or the other, then some women decide to seek it outside their matrimonial home. This unsatisfactory sex could be due to factors such as; premature ejaculation, lack of communication in the bedroom, painful sex with spouse, boring sex etc.

Lack of emotional Connection
Ask yourself the question, what connects me to my spouse? Some call it Love, some say its 'chemistry'..whatever you call it, that emotional connection plays a big role in sexual desire and satisfaction. Its that connection, that makes your spouse attractive to you, its that connection that makes you go the extra mile in making him or her happy. If that connection is gone, then she probably would look for that connection elsewhere. That 'elsewhere' may be a colleague in the office, a long lost boyfriend, a guy she meets at the shopping mall etc. The list of the possible new guy is endless. Remember, women emotional beings.

Revenge/Pay-back time
This is the most common reason why women cheat on their husbands. She feels betrayed when her husband cheats on them, especially if he consistently and continually cheats on her. So she feels that the only way to get back at him, or to reduce the hurt she feels is sleeping with some other man. What she forgets is that, this does not reduce the pain she feels, if at all it adds to the pain. 
No too wrongs make a right, and as a woman of virtue, such should not be the response to a cheating husband.

I know there are more reasons why women cheat on their husbands,your comments and suggestions are highly welcomed.

My take on the whole cheating matter is that, a woman should be a virtuous woman as the bible says in Proverbs 31 v 10-31.

Hope to hear from you soon...cheers

One Love

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