Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new era..a new VOICE

Hello Everyone,

Its been a long while i updated this blog. I have been so busy attending to the issues of life.
One on such issues is looking for a new identity, an innate passion that can fuel my continued writing.

Generally, i know a lot of people get to a point in their lives, sometimes called a T-junction, where drastic decisions have to be made. Decisions about career, family, marriage, finances etc. Having made these decisions, the next point of action is to take concrete steps in line with the new decisions.

This hiatus of mine resulted in a deep search of my thoughts, passion and disposition to life. I asked myself some questions, and arrived at answers, that have led me to re-organize this blog.

I know i am passionate about Human Sexuality, Relationship etc. I mean, how else can you explain my having finished reading the book "Every Woman" at age 9, and "The Act of Marriage" by Tim and Beverly Lahaye at the age of 13.

Its rather unfortunate that I didn't recognize this passion sooner, but like the saying goes, "Its better late than never". I have decided to express my passion on this blog, re-titled "Bedroom Voice".

I seek your support, criticisms and commendations as i seek to explore myself, whilst carrying you my esteemed readers along on this journey.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

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