Saturday, November 26, 2016

Keeping Quiet

Learning to keep things to oneself is a very valuable life lesson. Especially in marriage.
Have you come across people especially friends and relations who just keep asking you questions and stylishly trying to know so much. Some people are so gifted at asking the same question in 10 different if they are the embassy.

Such people are phishers. They are phishing for information about you. Most times not because they mean well but because they want to compare or simply to have gist about you so they can tell someone else.

Phishers don't talk about themselves. If at all they do, it's just enough to get you spilling.

So learn to keep quiet. Those things you want to tell the third party about your husband/wife/family/home? No...don't. Except if it's positive. Infact sometimes you need to keep even positive things to yourself for a while until it fully manifests.

Especially relating to your spouse, maybe you shouldn't blow your horn too loud about the wonderful man or woman God has blessed you with.

I have heard stories of women who went about talking about how great their husband is.

Someone told me about a very nice lady who always sang the praises of her husband to everyone and anyone. Unbeknownst to her, her so-called friend rang up the husband in question, posing as a client. She successfully carried out a hatched plan on how to get the man. From proposing a business, a relationship started to blossom.

Eventually, Mr husband moved out of Mrs wife's home to Ms friends house. By the time Mrs Wife found out Ms friend was pregnant for Mr husband.

After a couple of years Mr Husband and Mrs wife reconciled...water had already passed under the bridge.

So for you married folks, especially's food for thought....and oh! be cautious of phishers.

One Love!!!


  1. A very good advice from great mind. Apart from the evil that men do, I think some info are better incubated till after maturity. I mean it's spiritually safer


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