Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When LOVE becomes foolishness

Anyone who has truly experienced love would testify to the fact that they've at one time or another been foolish.
These people actually realize how foolish they have been when they look back in retrospect at the things they did, or things they permitted in one relationship or the other.

Almost every woman i have met and have had the opportunity to discuss relationships with, have testified about how they were once foolishly in love.

So many times,a lot of people accommodate constant lies, physical abuse, cheating, theft, sexual abuse just in the name of love.

These foolishness most often times end when the relationship comes to an end, or when the 'foolish' party wakes up from their slumber. Needless to say, it is not a one-sided affair. Men as well as Women have been foolishly in love.

Or what would you say about a guy who is crazily in love with a lady that he invests his life savings in putting her through school, and making sure she is well fed and clothed, only to find out that the same girl has another boyfriend who she sees as her main 'boo'. While the foolish guy is seen as 'mugu'.

The stories are endless of the foolishness of people when in love.I have been foolish in love, and so also a whole lot of us.

I recently read a story about a lady who is foolishly in love with a guy, who confided in her that he has a girlfriend, but is having issues with the girl, hence his affair with this new girl. Mind you, he is already having sex with this new girl, spends weekends at her apartment (am sure he eats free food), and is also borrowing money from her. But, he receives phone calls from the main girlfriend in the presence of the new girl, and even professes love to the main girlfriend. Do you see that the new girl is foolish?

Of course its not a new thing, Love and foolishness did not start today,and will not end tomorrow.
Howbeit, the most foolish people i have seen who claim to be in love is when, on party is physically abusive and they say..'Oh I love him/her, i know him/her didn't mean to hit me. He/She will change'

This kind of foolishness is the type that leads one to the grave. With the increasing case of violence in the home, i would not categorize people in the above scenario as being foolishly in love. I would say, they are insane, and do not love themselves.

If you have ever been foolishly in love, can you share your story?

One Love!!!


  1. Hmmm Interesting post.. Love they say is 'blind'

    1. Thanks...'blindness' that can be cured by reality


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