Saturday, October 31, 2015

Planes Crashes at Sinai.

The passengers of MetroJet flying from Egypt to St Petersburg, Russia, did not know they would never tell their loved ones goodbye.

This morning the world woke up to the news of the Russian airline Kogalymavia's Airbuss A321, with the name MetroJet which crashed over the  Sinai peninsula with 224 people on board.

I first heard the news on the local radio station, and later on read the full story online here

As i read the story i wept. I wept because of the 17 children on board, whose lives have been cut short.

I cried because of the women and men who had just finished enjoying their holidays in Egypt.
Most importantly, i cried because i am a frequent flyer, and i remember how many times i have flown from and to different destinations this year.
I just could not control myself. I kept crying for people whom i never knew, but whose family's pains i can feel.

Its really a sad story. It was said that the plane crashed 23 minutes after take-off, and it split into 2 parts. The larger part crashed against a rock, while the other part burst into flames.

Planes crashes are terrible, because people hardly survive.

All those who died in this crash never thought it was going to be their last day on earth.

May their souls rest in peace..and strength to their families.

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