Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Death at the Airport

Hello dearies,

Its been a while i was on this space of mine to pen down my thoughts on issues relating to women and the world at large. Lets just say i was hibernating.(lol).

Winter is setting in gradually..so it would be safe to hibernate like the bears do.

Anyways, while reading the news yesterday, something caught my attention; The death of a British woman Jacky Sutton who died at an Istanbul airport in Turkey. (You can read the story here).

So the Turkish authorities say this woman committed suicide because she missed her connecting flight to Iraq. Having read some comments on twitter by men and woman who knew or worked with this woman....questions are being raised as to why a 50 year old, ex-BBC journalist, who was undertaking her PhD, would commit suicide. Apparently, something is amiss.

Well, i do have my postulations about the whole thing, especially since i am an ardent follower of the American series: Homeland.

I smell foul play, and so do a lot of other people. I wait patiently for the outcome of investigations on this case.

Whats your thought on this? Do you think she was murdered?

One Love!!!


  1. Hey, I also read this particular news the other day and thought the same, something isn't right, there's definitely more than what the Turkish said.

    PS, I like your blog.

    1. Oh yes, i strongly feel so too...you know i read somwhere that the cameras at the airport malfunctioned. interesting isnt it?
      BTW, thanks for liking my blog, hope you keep visiting.

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