Sunday, September 6, 2015

Are Women actually equal to men?

This is the first part of this series on Female Equality

Hiya peoples,
Its a new week so i thought i should provoke your mind with these view of mine. I hope am going to get some supporters on this.

Its no news that in this present times, there has been more advocacy for equality of women both intellectually and socially. Simple put, women want more rights. They want to be accepted as being equal to the men folk, and hence should be appreciated as such.

Now, this is strictly my point of view, and in no way reflects the views of all women. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN 100% EQUALITY.

Why? you may ask. Let me explain myself,

In the area of mental capacity, i believe we (womenfolk) are not just equal to men, but i dare say we are better than men. Women are great multi-taskers, they can successfully manage different situations within being worn out.

According to BBC news, a study carried out by Dr Stoet and his colleague,
 "First, they compared 120 women and 120 men in a computer test which involves switching between tasks involving counting and shape-recognition.
Men and women were equal when tasks were tackled one at a time. But when the tasks were mixed up there was a clear difference. Both women and men slowed down, and made more mistakes, as the switching became more rapid.
But the men were significantly slower - taking 77% longer to respond, whereas women took 69% longer. A difference of 8%.
"This difference may seem small, but it adds up" over a working day or week, said Dr Stoet.
To make the experiment more relevant to everyday life, the researchers tried a second test.
A group of women and men were given eight minutes to complete a series of tasks - locating restaurants on a map, doing simple maths problems, answering a phone call, and deciding how they would search for a lost key in a field.
Completing all these assignments in eight minutes was impossible - so it forced men and women to prioritise, organise their time, and keep calm under pressure.
In the key search task in particular, women displayed a clear performance advantage over men, says co-author Prof Keith Laws, of the University of Hertfordshire."
Lets analyze this, in the real world, especially in the work environment, multi-tasking is a major skill that affects productivity.
Should we decide to look outside the home, its more glaring that women are better at multi-tasking than men. Mothers are known to handle numerous situations in the home whilst still cooking, cleaning and nursing a child.
So based on the above, do you agree with me that women are in actual fact not equal to men? Kindly share your views.

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