Thursday, May 7, 2015

Older guy vs age group

Hello dearies

Trust you've been in good spirits.
Recently I was gisting with a friend of mine and our discussion veered into age difference between couples. She was of the opinion that much older men are more patient, understanding and matured especially in dealing with their wife and the challenges that come with marriage. I thought it had nothing to do with age but rather personality, and experience in life.

She shared about how her husband is 6 years older than her and how he is so matured and 'acts' appropriately. After the discussion, I looked critically at my life, my hubby and my past relationships.

My husband took a good number of years from me and I think that contributes to his being able to 'deal' with my drama.hehehe. I must say, I frustrate him sometimes, although not intentional. His being very patient with am thinking, is it because of his age( which I think is nothing but numbers) or is it because of the type of person he is?

After thinking, I am of the opinion that it boils down to who he is and his experiences in life.

Reason being that, I have being in relationships where there was a big age difference...and it was hell... Also, my age group and it was ok.

But I have generally heard that older guys are more matured and know how to respect a woman compared to their younger counterpart.

Even men say older women treat them better than their age group...
I sort of agree that older women treat men better.

What do you think about it?
I'ld like to hear your views.

One Love!!!


  1. Always go for an older man if you can help it. The dynamics of the relationship will be more natural.

  2. I think maturity has nothing to do with age, rather it's about the personality or experience in life.
    Had been in a short relationship before which the guy was 14yrs older than me and I had issues with his level of maturity. Likewise in that of my age group which wasn't ok as well.
    So I think it's all about the personality and experience.


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