Thursday, May 28, 2015

I expect...

As we all navigate the journeys of our lives, there are some profound lessons that each of Us have to learn. I have often wondered why the elderly seem so wise and unfazed by challenges or situations around them, however in recent times I have realised that its because of their experiences and particularly because there's nothing new under the sun. Therefore having a positive attitude is very important.

So in light of my experiences I have summed up a few of things you should expect. These will help maintain a positive view to life

Here we go;
I expect
- to go through life with challenges
-that the world will not stop because am facing a challenge
-people to misunderstand me at times
- to be successful
-to love and be loved in return
-to be happy and joyful
- to be rich and prosperous
- to be healthy
-my dreams to be fulfilled with hard work and focus
-to have fun
- people to think differently and have varied perspective
-people to be insincere and selfish
-to make mistakes along the way
- to meet new people and make new friends
-to acquire new skills
-Life to be interesting.
-Good things to happen to me
-Opportunities to open up to me
-my challenges to be stepping stones for success

Those are my expectations, they help me maintain a positive happy energy around me. What are your expectations?



  1. Wow! It's been a while mami....How have you been?...I agree with you on challenges we face...they are stepping stones for us if only we embrace them.....

    1. Yes Miami..been a while. How r u n mr Mo. I relocated so its been a busy ride. Trust you're cool as usual.

  2. Interesting! I love the first point most, cos nothing good comes easily after all.
    My expectations are as many as yours, even more. But in it all we should have a positive spirit.

    1. Yes dear...even the Bible encourages us to be like ants...hardwork and smartwork pays. How r u darling?

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  4. Yeah, am fine and doing great. Thanks to God! Kisses to Prince William.

  5. I guess I always expect that things will turn out OK in the end despite the challenges.

    1. We truely need to be positive against the ever present negative thoughts. It will be ok.


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