Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dont blank out your spouse.

Growing up I used to be a snob..or so people thought. But in actual fact, i wasnt snobbish..I just wasn't very warm to people I didn't know. I would keep my distance and watch from afar..and when am comfortable I would come close.

But, I knew very well how to give the cold treatment and coil into my shell if someone hurt me...but as I grew I realised its not a good communication strategy. Actually, now am of the opinion that you should react and voice out your pain and anger when you're hurt.

Now, I said all the above to say that...'you could blank out your spouse' or vice versa unknowingly.

More could be unconsciously cutting off your spouse from your life...and we all know what that could lead to ..

So what does it mean to blank your spouse? Blanking your spouse means when you're deliberately not talking to your spouse because you're angry and then it worsens into a situation where you don't share your dreams, aspirations, challenges, fears, hopes anymore with him/her.

After a while, it becomes an unconscious thing for you to take personal decisions without discussing with your spouse.

Have you ever been in this situation? I know I have. The effect of this is that, the closeness and bond you share with your spouse begins to wane. Now when that bond wanes, its like a  crack in the wall..and the lizard can creep in.

The lizard could be so many things, major of which is infidelity.

It has become sort of a cliché that communication is key in Marriage, so I won't bore you with how important communication is.

Finally, as some embark on this journey of marriage or some continue in it, please remember to be open about your emotions to your spouse.

Anyone with stories of how blanking out has affected their relationship, please holla...or if you have some advice for us...I'll be delighted.

One Love!!!


  1. Nice one Miss! What do you do to a girlfriend who won't stop telling you to look for another girl anytime she causes a fight?

    1. Woow..I think you should seat her down and discuss candidly with her about what your plans are for the relationship (if any). Then ask her, what hers are? If she does have a plan and you're in the picture, then you need to make her understand that whenever there's a quarell, the way out isn't to give up on the relationship.

  2. Extremely creates space for LIZARDS to come in ...

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