Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Building a Greater You -

What does it take for You to be better than YOU presently are?
Answer: 3 things: YOU YOU & YOU

You think today that YOU are good and doing well.. but what about YOU being GREAT. what about YOU being GREATEST of all. Not greater than your friend or greater than you enemy ( if you haveone). But greater than yourself, greater than your ability, your limitations. Greater than the present circumstances.

It takes desire, will, action, determination and evaluate.

You must have the DESIRE to be better, greater, richer, happier, more beautiful, luxurious....the list is endless for whatsoever you desire.

You must have the WILL to do whatever it takes to achieve your desire. You may need to learn a new skill, make new friends, change environment, go to school, think more, discipline yourself, start an exercise regime, save a little more etc....for all these you require the WILL.

Lets assume, you have the will and you have planned out how to be a better greater You..you need to put your plans into ACTION. You need to act on your DESIRE and WILL.

So you've started doing something, and you've started making progress...then out of the blues something happens and your hopes are dashed...or..you face some disappointments along the way? Do you give UP or give IN..the answer is NO...what you do is DUST yourself and start again....
( Late Aaliyah sang a song ' if at first you don't succeed..dust yourself up and try again..you can dust it up and try again...')
That's where DETERMINATION comes in. You must be determined in the face of challenges. The road to a greater you isn't always going to be smooth and easy. You're gonna have curves, turns, bends etc

So finally, your on the path to a GREATER YOU..you need to always evaluate yourself to see if you're doing fine, if you need to make some changes etc.

I can bet you every great person you know has gone through this phase before.

If you feel less than yourself or potentials...don't loose hope or get depressed..you can always do something to change that situation.


  1. having the will is definitely the difference between normal and excellent. Love this! xx


  2. Yea, theres something very spectacular about the will power, its very encouraging and determining even in the face of challenges.
    Thanks for the post, love you!

  3. Lovely post. God bless your heart for sharing.

    1. you're welcome. thanks for visiting my blog


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