Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mothers are gods. Do you agree?

It was one of those moments out of a several, where I got overwhelmed with this full-time job called Motherhood. In that split second, it crossed my mind that I am a god. Yes...I said it a g-o-d.

To my son, I am his Alpha and Omega. I feed him, bathe him, provide warmth, care for him, take care of his every needs. Whenever he needs something he crawls to me, and starts to talk in baby language trying to get my attention. Even when I scold him, he still comes back to me with hands stretched wide for me to carry him.

Now, isn't that what God does for us?

So therefore, I can say with all boldness that I am a god...and I like the feeling.

Now, don't go thinking am excluding
the fathers. Fathers are important. They are breadwinners and defenders of the home. Just like Voltron ( How many of you can remember Voltron?..."defender of the Universe").

Sometimes, I wonder what goes through the minds of these babies. I wonder what they are thinking. At times I catch my son looking at me, and I wonder....Does he wonder who I am? Does he know am his mum? Does he know the meaning of Mum? If he doesn't, then who does he think I am?

Anyways, back to godship.....I am of the opinions that mothers are gods. I mean, the way our mothers multitask...manage the home, their husbands, kids and business. I love the definition of MOM as depicted in the picture above.

But......I wonder where the strength comes from. I must say its innate. I mean, the demands of motherhood especially if you're a career or business woman.

Well....Kudos to all mothers out there. If you're one give yourself a hug...if you desire to become one....you deserve a hug too...and if you have one...give her a hug.

So, do you agree mothers are gods?


  1. Mami, I am a god, you are a god, a new born baby is a god, my president is a god....everybody is a god...the bible says 'ye are gods'.....Mothers are gods according to the bible.....there are good mothers and there are terrible mothers..being called a mother is not just bout birthing a child....mami, there is so much generalization in your piece.....buh it's cool...I had fun reading it.

    1. yes mami..I agree the bible says 'ye are god's but am referring to godship in the context of all-in-all...as in the totally dependence on me by my little one. definitely there are good mothers and bad mothers..but u will agree with me that as long as a woman decides to keep her baby and tend to it, then she gives it her all...along the line, especially when the child is grown some mothers exhibit some ungodly characters but that's not a general scenario.

  2. yea, women are small gods when it comes to responsibilities especially in motherhood。Thank God for the supernatural inbuilt strength that helps to meet up on every demands from us as a mother。


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