Friday, January 30, 2015

#teeteemoviereview 3: CHEF

If you a food lover like I am, then you need to watch the movie Chef.

It's a very interesting
movie that borders around food, taking a step towards your dreams, standing up for what you believe in, the challenges of achieving your dreams, and sweet success.

The movie has an interesting cast consisting of amiable Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey Jr. (One of my favorite actors) Oliver Platt, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and Jon Favreau ( who wrote, directed and co-produced the movie. He is also the main character)

Favreau is a professional chef who works in a restaurant. He had an altercation with a food critic, the consequence beign that he had to quit his job, leave LA and return to his home town Miami.(I just love of the places I want to visit).

This chef hit rock bottom, he had to swallow his pride by receiving favour from his ex-wife and her ex-husband (confusing abi....)But the good part is, he started again. This time, doing what he loves doing....He started a food truck, and oh my....the meals cooked in the truck will make you salivate.

Now, he didn't just start all over again alone, he had help and support from His ex-wife (Sofia), his son(the social media guru) and his friend Martin. The movie emphasizes on the impact of social media on business.

What I Love about the movie.

The Storyline: very realistic, touching and heartfelt. I mean it could happen to anybody. Its a story a lot of people can relate to

The Food: There's no way I wouldn't love the food. Those who know me, know I like good food.

The Location: The movie had scenes in LA, Miami, New Orleans and Austin Texas...nice places you would agree

The Father-Son Bond: In my opinion, his boy portrayed a well behaved, focused, disciplined son. Am not sure if there are a lot of boys his age who would be ready to take up responsibility. The boy motivated me. Also, it taught me family is familiar. As parents we must work hard to bond with our kids and vice versa.

On a final note...this movie is a comedy drama, so you'll really need to listen to the conversation very well to get a better understanding.

Mind you, please don't watch this movie on an empty stomach ...hehehehehehe

One Love!!!

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  1. this is one Movie I need to pen down....Nice one mamacita!


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