Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What are Your Core Values

Hello dearies,

I was chatting with a friend of mine some time back. Actually she's one of my sewing mentors and encourager ( i don't think there's a word like encourager). She explained to me how the name of her sewing outfit is acronym for her core values. And that got me thinking, in fact i told her i wasn't sure if i had any.

Being a methodical person, i decided to find out more about what a Core Value actually means, and also to map out one for myself and my family

If you visit the website of most companies, You will see their Core Values under the 'About' Page. Some companies don't explicitly write their Core Values, however they summarize it in their Mission Statement

So what does Core Values mean?

A dictionary meaning i got from the web is "principle that guides an organization's internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world. Core values are usually summarized in the mission statement or in a statement of core values." - businessdictionary.com

Some people say, its the morals they live by, or its my guiding principle.

What does it mean to you?

From the above, we can see that its a principle,a personal decision or guideline on how you intend to live, work, or associate with people.

Some friends i shared this with, said they do have a 'motto' they live by, like a code of conduct. I remember watching the movie #Godfather, ( its a very popular Mafian movie by Mario Puzo). That movie is way older than I, but its the most popular mafian movie. It starred Marlon Brando and Al Pacino as the lead character  Don Vito Corleone. That movie is a classic. (If you haven't watched it, please watch it this upcoming Christmas Holiday..and thank me later. lol)

So from the movie, we can see that the mafians have a code of conduct. They have a way of living. For them 'Family' is key..'Loyalty' is a must. I dare say those were their core values.

How does it affect me.

After giving it much thought, i realized that unconsciously i do have a way i live, work, play and associate with people.

I know i like to be fair in my judgement, truthful to a fault sometimes. Most times i believe the best of people ( to my detriment) and i relate with open and sincere hearts to those around me. I believe in being kind and polite, except if prompted to act otherwise.

But practically, i asked myself...have i consciously made decisions and acted based on my unconscious values? The answer is NO.

Are Core Values Permanent

While writing this post, I asked myself, are core values permanent? or do we from time to time change our core values. For me.. i would say NO, my reason being that, we are faced with new situations, new challenges in our journey of life, and as we go we learn new things, discover new things and continually make changes in our lives. As a result, there is a very high possibility that our core values will change as changes occur in our lives.

Personally, my recent experience with the death of my mum has changed my perspective on things and people, and i know it would affect my values

What are my new Core Values 

I have decided to live by a new set of values, and these values i will pass on to my children. These values are going to be jointly formed by hubby and I.

Hey!!!! where you waiting for me to tell you what there are? heheheheee....No no no...I need to consult Mr Hubby first.

So back to you my dearies, what's your thoughts on core values. Do you have some? do you think there are necessary? If you do, let's hear them.  Let's teach each other a thing or two..

GOD bless you SILLY


  1. Hiya mami, I do have some core values...I live my life based on certain principles...I think it is good when people do that...

    1. Yeah..it sorts of sets things in perspective.

  2. Hallos sweets....
    Yea, core values are very important in ones life. It's a principle that governs a way of living. It also helps one stay focused, irrespective of the challenges that comes ones way.
    I have my core values, and am passing it unto my children too.

    1. You know you motivated me to write this post.

  3. Great Post; I love it. I think it's good to have core values in order to get the best out of life or any situation. I do have mine although I have not really thought to put them on paper officially but I refer to them now and then.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks beauty.....its good to put them down.. that way you can easily pass them on to others.


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