Friday, December 12, 2014

#RealityCheck- Why are Women SO Gullible

Please mind my anger as i write this post. Its just that an VEXED to my teeth.. As in, i cant just understand why women can be so gullible.

Is it that we refuse to learn from Life, or other people's mistakes? Or is it that we deceive ourselves into thinking it's not gonna happen to us, or we won't make the same mistakes twice?

'Chai.......this na holy anger oooo'.

So here's the gist,

This is a true life story that someone i know told me. I told her i was going to share it on my blog, and she had no objection, except that i don't use her real name.

She was in JS 2 in the village when she met her boyfriend. He was also a student in the school. It was young love. The kind of love that makes you think the world will end if you don't see each other. Am sure a lot of us watch movies like that on Africa Magic, where Ini Edo's character is hopelessly in love with Jim Ikye's character, and they take a blood oath that they will love each other till death do them part. 'hian'.... well it was that kind of love.

This love blossomed for a while until about 9 months later, when she was in JS 3 and he in SS 3 that she got pregnant. Nneoma was very optimistic that her lover boy, Ugo, would accept the pregnancy and they would start their life in the Village, with hopes of a better tomorrow..hehehehe...this thing called 'HOPE'

Well, Nneoma was shocked to the marrow when Ugo told her to go abort the pregnancy, because he wants to finish his education, and isn't ready for Fatherhood or Husband hood yet.( But he knew how to do the things husbands do. hehehehe). Nneoma refused to abort the pregnancy, and as their custom is, her relations took her to Ugo's father's house as a new bride, whose bride price had not been paid.

So it was, that she was living with Ugo's family as a forced new wife. During this period, Ugo finished his secondary school, and left the village to Abuja, in search of greener pastures. He did not accept responsibility of the child,neither did he fend for Nneoma or her unborn child.

Nneoma was heartbroken..(am sure you can picture a village girl with big tummy, crying herself to sleep, refusing to eat and wishing for the ground to open up and swallow her.) After 9 months she gave birth to a baby girl.

And as is the tradition of women. (God bless us, we are strong and full of character). She started working to take care of her child. She farmed, wove cane baskets, made brooms, fried cassava flour..did all sorts just to make ends meet.

Fast forward to 2 years later, Ugo shows up in the village, meets her ,apologises for all his wrong doings,buys her gift and promises to take care of her and the daughter, because as he claims, he now works as a security guard in a big company in Abuja. Nneoma, being an innocent, naive, love-struck girl welcomes him back into her life and gives him a chance.(Nothing wrong with that)

Before you say Jack Robinson....Nneoma is pregnant AGAIN...and you know what....Ugo told her to abort the pregnancy a second time.....she refused..and he took to his hills...Zap!!!! He left the village and went back to Abuja... so dear Nneoma is left AGAIN with a pregnancy and a child to take care of.
This time around she tried aborting the pregnancy, but it was unsuccessful. She almost lost her life in the process.

Her family called Ugo's number several times, he didnt pick...and his family refused to have anything to do with Nneoma...

So my dear pitiable Nneoma, is heavy with no money. Her elder sister who lives in a suburb in abuja, told her to come to Abuja. So that was how i met her and her sister relayed the story.

My question to her was HOW? WHY? How did she allow herself to be fooled AGAIN?

Now some of you may say, its because she's naive, or because she is a village girl. But i have actually met some intelligent women, who do some stupid things, and accept some rubbish in the name of LOVE.

For example, it never ceases to amaze me, why a woman would be all over a man who clearly doesn't love her. Or a man who beats her black and blue..or a man who is always collecting money from her in the name of 'help', or a full grown adult man who dates a full grown grown woman for years without defining their relationship, or a full grown man who says 'i love you' but am not sure your the right woman for me..after dating for 2 years, can we continue our relationship while i figure out my feelings......Heck No.

Then, i asked myself the question..Why are women so gullible? WHYYYYY


  1. Women are not gullible dear. It's the love factor that makes some act stupidly and then seems like a gullible person at the end. But in Nneoma's case, I feel Ugo took advantage of her naivity instead. So that's where she had a mistake. I pray God help her to raise the children properly at the end of it all cos that Ugo guy may never marry her o.

    1. Well.....if yo u say love know they say Love is blind..well i say LOVE with you eyes open. Both eyes OPEN

  2. Uhmmm...mami, I don't think it is right to say 'women are so gullible'....I mean, I am a woman and you are a woman too....I am NOT gullible....naive?...erhmmm maybe...buh gullible?...Nope!...women are not wired to think like men....Like you said, this is a movie eh...ofcourse this could be someone's reality buh the truth here is she was naive....and she did give him a second chance.....which in my books, is NOT is just an unfortunate situation mami....

    1. Yeah its unfortunate...the reason why i say she's gullible, and so many women out there are is because, se made the mistake once...and went ahead to believe his lies and sweet nothings. asides from her, there are so many women i meet, and when i hear their like and why would you think that way. the scenarios are endless mami..maybe the way we are wired is what makes us like that.

  3. Permit me to comment if this forum isn't meant for women alone . Women are gullibe,highly emotional and utterly stubborn when in love.their genuine involvement is what irresponsible ones among men abuse The girl in question shuldnt have slept wit Ugo after he apologized without defining the way forward -its sad,this kind of thing still happens.women hardly learn lessons faster

    1. Your right chike...very right....and Yes you can comment, its not a forum for women long as you have a woman in your life, be it friend, sister, cousin, niece , girlfriend etc.

  4. I also agree with Chike, the girl in question shouldn't have slept with Ugo after he apologized without defining the way forward. That made her gullible and not all women, lol


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