Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Hello dearies,

Its December already!!!! how time flies. I don't know about you, but i love December, not because its Christmas, and Christmas means Love, Sharing etc...but because Christmas means HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

So in the Spirit of HOLIDAYS, i have already started enjoying myself and giving myself a treat.

The last couple of months have been sad and sorrowful for me (Y'all know i lost my mum), but i am determined to enjoy myself this December, and get my 'happy-mojo' back.

On Monday, i spent the evening with a dear friend of mine, and we watched the movie 'Think Like a Man TOO'

I totally enjoyed the movie. It was hilarious, bubbly, and had a nice cast.

I particularly like that, unlike the first installment, it was a more mixed cast with a fair share of white actors and actresses.

But....even though i enjoyed it, i still think PART 1 was better.

I mean, the story line in Part 1 was well defined and made COMPLETE sense. Most if not all ladies who watched that movie learnt a thing or two from it. (Raise your hands if you agree)

Also, the dialogues of PART 1 was more hilarious and 'put-together'. Every character's story was well defined and articulated. We clearly understood 'the mummy's boy', 'the dreamer', 'the non-commital', 'the playboy', 'the good husband', 'the divorcee'. We all know or have heard of someone like that..don't we?

However, in this Part 2..i really couldn't understand their characters, except that the movie portrayed that they carried on with their new found loves, and homes.

I also didn't understand Gabrielle Union and her hubby's role..I mean what exactly was the issue with their marriage?

Somehow, i got lost in between the craziness of Las Vegas, Kevin Hart's hotel suite and all the bruhahahaha.

Hey, am not saying the movie isn't nice, but the first installment is better. That's my own opinion.

Finally, a plus for PART 2. I liked the makeup and fashion of the ladies too...even the men looked dapper. The bribe's wedding dress is simple and chic. The stylist did a great job.

Please look out for Kevin Hart's ankara shirt and short. ( I believe its Ankara)...i would love to make that for my hubby.

So dearies... thats my opinion of the movie.. what's yours?



  1. Uhhhh mami, I have not seen that one...I am actually hoping on doing a movie marathon on Friday, I will give you a list of movies I saw so that you could check them out too.....**dancing** Teetee Wright is BACK!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh that wold be nice. happy to be back to dearies....kisses


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