Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Adieu Mum

I am in grief...i m saddened and loss for very special dear mum died in myhands in the early hours of the day on monday after a very brief illness.

I cant stop shedding tears, i cant stop crying and remembering our last moments together. Our discussions, our gists, our laughs, her advices, her laughter, her jokes..oooh my heart is heavy...i just cant stop crying.. i have never felt this kind of pain in my life.

Please bear with me, as i would be taking some days off blogging to deal with my grief.


  1. I'm so sorry Teetee, please accept my condolence.
    May her Soul Rest in Peace Amen.

  2. Oh My dear Teetee.....How do I reach you right now??....I would have loved to give you a call....Oh mami...You must Stay strong dear.....Please accept my condolence. It is well dear.

  3. Sorry babes..Mama rest in perfect peace

  4. May her soul rest in peace, may God's hand never depart from you and your family. Ojo a jino si ara. Accept my condolence

  5. @beautifuleagle@tosyne thanks a lot.

  6. Heya mami.....I left a comment buh I think it disappeared....mami...I would love to give you a call if you don't mind eh.....I am soooo sorry for your loss...Hang in there....It gets better...

    1. thanks erniesha..its just soo hard....because she died in my hands. I have never felt any pain like this before...even childbirth is not as painful as this. You can call me on 08105333236.

  7. So sorry about it all, please accept my condolences.
    In all I still admire your strength and courage, God shall continue to comfort you and the family in Jesus' name.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss, dear. Take your time in taking a break. You need it. May you find consolation and comfort.


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