Monday, September 29, 2014


Hello Dearies,

How was your weekend? Did you WIN?

I am soooo excited to announce to you that my favorite contestant...Yes!! that handsome dude that looks like my husband. That dude i wrote about last week, who has an enchanting voice..Yes ! GEOFFREY...WONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!

He won #MTNProjectFame 7.0..and am a part of his success because i voted for him. Yippiiee..

It sure feels very good and sweet to WIN. He made my Sunday Wow!!!!
I know his life has just entered a different level...'Levels don change o'

So you may be wondering, 'what's her own?' just sharing in his joy, and celebrating the success of someone who took a step towards achieving his dreams.

Imagine, if he had not entered for the Project Fame Competition, he would most likely still be at home, nursing ambition, and waiting for miracle to happen. Thank God he saw his miracle-opportunity and took it.

My #SuccessAdviceforthisweek is: Take a step towards your dream and desires this week. Its never too late or too early.

On another note, i also received a gift..something very important and dear to my heart. God provided it for me miraculously. Yipeee!!!!

Anyways, i got to go...thanks for dropping by.

One Love!!!

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  1. God blesses a heart that rejoices with others. God bless you Tope!


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