Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How Teetee's Getting her Groove Back!!

So, those who know me well,will tell you that I like yanga...and truly i do. My sister will tell you stories of how i used to try on her heels when i was about 8, and how i would do fashion parade with my friend and neighbour at about 6 years of age.

Sincerely, now am certain that if i had paid close attention to myself, i should have studied something relating to fashion... Anyways, so prior to pregnancy i had this beautiful figure..the kind you can call figure 8..then came the pregnancy and then...

Fast forward to now, i have lost over 80% of my pregnancy weight, but am still not there yet.
So i advised myself, that the best way to loose the weight is through exercise. Thanks to my dear friend Chichi who lives very close to me, and is also a keep-fit kind of person, i started working out.

Below are pictures of me during our workout last Saturday Morning

Naturally am not a slim shady, rather i would classify myself as a woman with curves...but after childbirth, i found out the curves where becoming too much...so i had to get myself together for some workout.

Mind you, asides exercise, am also on a diet...i try as much as possible to avoid junk food. I also avoid eating after 8pm.

So that's how am getting my groove back. Oh before i forget here's a pix of me last Friday...4 months post pregnancy. Don't i look fly...*hehehehe*

Got to go...thanks for stopping by
One Love!!!!


  1. Wow, am challenged to loose some weight too! Keep it up girl *thumbs up *

  2. Wow, am challenged to loose some weight too. Keep it up girl *thumbs up*

  3. i'm also losing weight and it has not been a bed of roses. i'm not married yet sef and discovered i was weighing 80kg! kilode! i that used to be slim like a model (in my mind). anyways, i'm down to 73kg and working on going to 68kg. i have found that exercise (30%) + diet (70%) = weight loss


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