Monday, August 18, 2014

Love Your Perfect Imperfections

One of my favorite songs this season is 'All of You' by  John Legend.  I love that song so much because it reaches deep to my soul, makes me feel good , happy and gooey. It makes me enjoy being loved and being in love.

Actually, I have always loved John Legend and his songs. At a time he was my #2 celebritycrush, #1 being Will Smith. Heheheheheh!!!..If my husband catch me ehn..

Anyway, the song says Love your perfect imperfections. Do you know your seemingly imperfection is beautiful to someone else? I once knew a very pretty girl, who was knock kneed. As in her legs were very 'K', but she was still pretty and had all the boys flocking around her.

Truth is, when love finds you, your imperfections don't matter. You may say, Oh my nose is too big (like me), or my lips are too thin or too full. Some say, i have small boobs, i wish i had big hips etc. Some people will even say, am too dark skinned, or too short, or too skinny, most times we say, i am too fat etc.

My dearies, LEARN to love and flaunt your imperfections. Did you know that everyone, no matter how seemingly perfect they look have a flaw?( Some people corrected their flaws with surgery) I think that does flaws are GOD's way of humbling us all.. sort of.

Am not saying we should not seek self improvement. If your flaw can be corrected through surgery, or exercise or dieting, why not. But if it's something you cant correct..then..EMBRACE it and LOVE it.

LOVE you, LOVE your big nose(am talking to myself). LOVE your square chin, LOVE your big ears. LOVE your perfect imperfections.

If you are BIG and CURVY,with the african woman physique, FLAUNT it with the right clothes, if your slim FLAUNT it, if you're 'leggy' FLAUNT it. Have a SWAG no matter what.

Thanks for dropping by.. One LOVE!!!

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  1. Yea, like am loving my imperfect boobs too even though I feel they ain't big enough for!


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