Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting Your Mumjo Back Part II

Hello Dearies,

Am back with a continuation of the post i started last week. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Last week i started on products that could hep us mums and mums-to-be get our 'MUMJO' back after delivery. Today am going to be talking about some commercial products that i know to be good.

Please note that, I have NOT been paid in any way to advertise any brand, although that would be a welcome development .Hehehe!!!! Afterall, money makes the world go round.

I have tried these products and they are working for me. Howbeit, for those of you who know me personally, please do not expect to see me looking flawless, spotless, stretch-mark-less ( Hahaha...i just coined that word). I am work in progress.

So, here are some of the products that would help us get back our facial complexion, smoothen any roughness, fade dark spots and also fight ageing.( You may think you are not ageing., but here's news for you; AS LONG AS you've dropped 1 kid...SISTER, you have started ageing.)

1. MaryKay TimeWise MicroDemabrasion Set

I cannot explain why most women have rough facial skin during pregnancy, i guess its caused by hormones. This roughness is likely to clear off after delivery, sometimes it doesn't clear. However to get that velvety smoothness, i recommend this product. It contains an exfoliating tube and a moisturizing tube.
I use it (whenever i remember) and i feel the instant smoothness of my skin. Am certain with continued usage, i would get incredible results.
Its a bit pricey, but its an INVESTMENT for your skin.

2. Mary Kay Revitalising Mask

If you cannot afford to buy the MicroDemabrasion Set, you can use this product to exfoliate your skin, and then get another good product to moisturize. You could use it as a facial mask or facial scrub. 

3. Black Opal (Even Skin Tone Brightening Cream and Exfoliating Soap)

Up until recently, I have been using Black Opal product. I remember i got my first product at a cosmetics shop in Marina Lagos in 2010, and i must say i loved using the product. It gave me skin a POLISHED tone, and made me look clean and 'ajebutterish'. Although they have changed their packaging, this new product looks improved. Currently, I am not using it, but the moment i lay my eyes on it, am going to purchase it and use it. For better results, you can combine it with the soap.

Bottom line is, we need to EXFOLIATE and MOISTURIZE our skin to get back that tone and elasticity. Some of us need to tone our skins too (Please toning is NOT the same as bleaching ooo!).

There are numerous products in the market you can choose from, just ensure they do not contain harsh chemicals which are hazardous for your skin. I would never recommend the use of any product that contains Hydroquinone.

Next week, i would be writing about natural products that can help our skin.

I would appreciate your inputs, suggestions, comments or questions relating to this post.

Thanks for dropping by.

One Love!!!

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