Monday, August 26, 2013

Movie Review-Temptations: Lessons Learnt

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On this post am going to be reviewing the movie "Temptations". I thought to talk about it, because the movie is based on marriage and the challenges therein. Sometime last month a friend of mine told me about the movie 'Temptations' by Tyler Perry, and she said i must watch it. Prior to her call, i had seen the preview, and as an ardent Tyler Perry follower, i had promised myself i would watch it.

So last week, I, Hubby and another friend decided to go watch the movie at the cinema. It was an enjoyable story, how be it a very simple practical storyline.

So, here are my thoughts on the movie. Its just my thoughts...not in any way judgmental. Its just my lessons learnt.

1. ANYONE can cheat- lets not be carried away with the fact that men cheat more often. The truth is women also cheat..and its even worse for us. And don't think you are AUTO-IMMUNE.

2. Husbands or wives....NEVER EVER take your spouse for granted. ( I think Brice took Judith for granted. He stopped paying attention to her needs, her visions, her passion)

3. Par-adventure any of your spouse is very ambitious( Like Judith was), SUPPORT their dreams. Speak words that will encourage them. (Brice failed to ignite Judith's Ambitions)

4. EXPOSURE is KEY....It was obvious Judith was not exposed to the 'big' life. Even though she was intelligent, smart..she was not street smart. That was why Harley could see through her easily, and seduce her.

5. ALL that glitters in not GOLD- Especially for the womenfolk. That smart, clean, bloke may not be all that he is. Neither am i saying that all smart, clean, rich intelligent guys are bad...but 'Shine Your Eyes'.(Judith learnt that the hard way.

6. SWAG doesn't necessarily mean the best. Harley had swag, Brice was bland...but it turned out Brice was the true guy.

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7. Couples...PLEASE..always talk. Communicate! Communicate!! Communicate!!!. Never hide anything from your partner. No matter how little. If Judith had discussed Harley with Brice right from the beginning, i believe she wont have fallen that hard.

8. FLEE every appearance of evil. Not just physical fleeing, but mental and emotional fleeing.

9. PRAY..A family that prays together sticks together.- If Brice and Judith had maintained their spiritual tempo once they got into the city.Maybe, they would have better handled the temptation.

10. FORGIVE- I felt Brice should have forgiven Judith and taken her back. Also Judith should have forgiven herself and moved on with life

10. HIV/AIDS is not the end of the world. I don't see any reason why Judith did not continue with her dreams. It seemed to be she lost hope on life. NEVER EVER GIVE long as there is life there is

If you have watched the movie, and you have other thoughts, or disagree with my thoughts..please feel free to drop a comment!!

One Love!!

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