Friday, June 8, 2012

Myths and Tips about Sex..You ought to know.

Do you know that you think about Sex both consciously and unconscioulsy everyday?

Research has shown that a man's sexual drive is a natural force that propels him. But, if you think women dont think about sex, or dont like are super wrong.

Truth be told, a whole lot of us are misinformed about sex. We've grown up with ideas about what sex is, what to expect from sex, and how to relate to sex. This misinformation has prompted this piece on Sex Myths.

While researching on them, i found it interesting that these information are actually just myths. There's no scientific claim to back up their truth, at least that's what i think, and that's what i gathered from my sources.

So lets have a look at these Myths. If you agree with them, let me know. If you dont agree, also let me know.

Myth #1: Great Sex comes naturally.

Have you ever thought that great sex with your spouse is natural? Do you think the chemistry you feel for your spouse will lead to an interesting sexual life? Or do you assume that a great sex life is as magical as it appears on your favorite reality show?

A very big NO. There is no manual on instant intimacy and sexual gratification in marriage. Sexual relationships can be as complex and tedious as rocket science. The “tricks of the trade” that pleased your partner yesterday may not please him or her today. Why? because of psychological, emotional and physical  factors such as stress, mood etc

The only way to maintain a great sex life is  good and continuous communication.As well as willingness to be open to trying new techniques and positions to find out what your spouse partner finds pleasurable at each moment. Great sex is hard work..real hard work

Tip #1: Always create time to talk about sex, and review what your partner wants right at every time.

Myth #2:  Size matters....Oops
You definitely should not come to you as a surprise that size is being discussed here. Penis Size has always been a major source of concern for men. Just the same way a lot of women are not satisfied with the size of their breast. It should be noted that the size of a penis does not determine manhood.

There is no scientific proof that the size of a penis guarantees great sex. Size does not have anything to do with sexual gratification. A woman with a small breast is equally as attractive as a woman with big breasts,and their organs would perform the same function. Same applies to the penis.

Do not let the size of your husband or wives sexual organ create an illusion of what should be expected or what can be achieved in your matrimonial bedroom.

Tip #2: If your penis size is of concern to you, try shaving the pubic hair around it. This makes the penis appear or look bigger. For women, exercises can be done to firm up the breast and the vagina.
Myth #3: Men have more sexual urges than women 
Luke is 32 years old and his wife Sara, is 29. Luke is worried because Sara has more sexual energy and drive than him. Sara wants to have sex every day and doesn't get tired even after sex. At first, Luke thought it was because they just got married, but after 3 years of marriage and 1 kid, Sara's urge has not diminished. If anything, her desires have increased, and Luke is finding it hard to keep up.
 Luke is afraid that Sara may cheat on him because of his inability to meet up. 
Does this story sound familiar or strange? A lot of you would agree that it sounds strange. You might even conclude that Luke is a brute or that Sara as a deep psycho-sexual problem.
We have been bombarded into thinking that only men want sex, only men like sex, and only men should initiate sex. But thats just wrong information. Sexual desire and need was created by God. He says in the bible, that the Husband's body is the Wife's, and the Wife's body is the Husband's. Why did He say so?
Women have as much sexual need as men, and it is totally healthy. So many factors affect our sexual makeup, such as environment, culture, religion and society.
More women are discovering themselves and accepting their sexual needs as normal. With the support of a loving and caring husband, a wife need not be ashamed- a man need not feel intimidated. Again, i say communication is key.
NB: Luke and Sara should have an open discussion about their sexual needs.  Luke need not be afraid.
Tip #3: As a woman and a wife, your husband will respect and love you if can communicate clearly to him what your needs. All things should be done in moderation and in a manner such as is respectful.


  1. Great piece!I totally agree that one area thatnwe have negleted is the issue f open communication.I counsell that couples should talk abt all these issues (myths)raised. from size to sexual drive etc. This is enlightening

  2. Whao...great write up dear! I agree with u wholeheartedly. Now u getting me kinda convinced on size matter 'cos I personally see it as an issue. Penis size is a major concern to me even though it does not determine manhood but it guarantee's great sex. In all, truly communication is the vital thing there. Partners should find it easy n open to discuss sex to enable them know what they want at every point in time.

  3. I truly enjoyed this piece... to say that size isnt an issue is in itself an issue. I just recently got married, and my husband and i decided to keep the marriage bed undefiled.But, before then i made sure i got to know the size of his manhood( please dont ask me how i did it) and when i ascertained that it is suitable for me, i went ahead. The reason behind this is because, in my previous relationships i had experienced how size can be a major factor. Although, i did have a boyfriend who had a small penis but could work wonders. So i agree that size isnt an issue in that regard, but i still have a size-range i admire. Lolll.


  4. Interesting topic indeed!The fact is sometimes people hides under size issues as an excuse for infidelity,sometimes even when the size is as big a big Ben of London the Spouse would still have an excuse maybe on how long he last in bed.However good sex is what it is irrespective of the size.
    I thought about the topic and I asked myself what is the size of the Vaginal of Luke's wife? what was her past like before she got married? we all know what am talking about.
    Guys had paid for reduction of their girl friend's Vaginal due to how it was used in the past and yet she could still complain about size of the guy! Interesting world.


    1. Interesting comment TMJ, i quite agree that sometimes a woman's vagina can be loose, especially if she has had a rough past, but sometimes its not due to a rough past. A friend of mine has had 2 relationships before she got married, and the two guys she dated had big penises. As a matte of fact, the first time she had sex with the second guy, he gave her a tear.

      Unfortunately for her, her husband has a small penis, but her vagina has been widened because of her past relationships, and right now they seem to be in a dilemma.

      The question is, did she live a rough past? No.....
      To cut the long story short, my friend has to do series of kegel exercises and resort to herbal remedies for vaginal tightening, and she says its working.

  5. Thumb up for you,Tee, for raising such interesting,yet sensitive topic. Sex discusses are usually no go area for pple, most unfortunately, couples.When couples make communication a key in their relation,sex becomes easy and fun.
    The size of a penis in itself should not be an issue but the use of it and other 'fun things' that goes into lovemaking.Couples should talk more,express themselves more to discover one another, the size of the penis or vagina not withstanding.


    1. I appreciate your comments and contribution.

  6. Hi, nice piece you have here Tee.
    While going through the comments i noticed everyone is talking about size. But what about the first myth..Does great sex come naturally? For me i would say yes and no. Yes in the sense that when there's a strong chemistry, great sex comes almost naturally.I say No, because, after a while this chemistry fizzles out and Sex becomes a conscious chore.

    In order to sustain that spark in sex, couples have to be willing to be adventurous and try 'stuvs'..


  7. Interesting views from all of you.


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