Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its called Sex..But what really is Sex?

What really is sex? In this present world, Sex can be defined in several ways. The question about what Sex is has become an argument. Why is it an argument? The reason is that sex has become diversified.

Sex has always been defined as the penile-vaginal intercourse. But what about oral sex, anal sex and all the other sexes?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “sexually motivated behavior.” This sounds right to me. But not everyone agrees with the dictionary. People all have their own definitions of what “sex” and “having sex” means.

Your definition of Sex is dependent on your philosophy. I personally do not have a definition of Sex in the present world, but i can define sexual relations. Being sexual with another person — whether that means kissing, touching, or intercourse — involves a lot of responsibility.

Whats your definition of sex? Do you belong to the new school of diverse thoughts of sex..or are you 'old-school'?

This responsibility has a way of affecting our personalities, hence before sexual relations are established, before that line is crossed, think carefully.

One thing is certain, Sex in the right environment- an environment of love and respect. Sex is beautiful in the environment of Marriage.

Those are my thoughts on Sex, whats yours?

Next we'll be looking at myths about sex. Do you have any? i've got a lot of them


  1. Dear Tope W. good to catch you here, you are really doing a great job and I apreciate what you doing. Is this your blog? I think sex should be characterise with mutual love and respect for each other. It should be done in the enviroment of understanding and agreement with your partner. I must also say that one must have the licence for it. you know what I mean.

    catch you later. hope to visit this blog often.


    1. Thanks elias..i totally agree with you. Mutual Love and respect is key, understanding and agreement with partner is also very important. And as per that licence? lol..i know what you mean.Yes ooo..the licence is marriage. very very important.
      Thumbs up elias, for the great comment. Hope to see more of you.

  2. Hmm..very interesting. Sex is such a "unspoken" topic.I appreciate your initiative to talk about it.


  3. I dont think anyone from the age of 12 does not know what sex is. We all have an idea or two. Some ideas we got from books, movies, adverts etc, while other ideas we got from our parents, schools, churches etc.

    Whats most important now is how do we enjoy sex with our spouse

  4. Sex is good it is a gift from God.

  5. @all

    Anonymous is absolutely correct that sex is a good thing and God given.

    I'm unmarried and very seldom have sex with somebody but whenever I do I thank God.

    Unfortunately, that thankfulness is a chief reason the devil has spread lies to give sex a negative appearance and put conditions and limitations on its practice.


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  7. Hmmmm...timeless topic.

    To me: Sex is one or more people being physically and emotionally vulnerable to a dominant other.

    I've tried a handful of the types of sex you attempted to list and looking back, I realise that sex is an adventure that occurs in nature for creatures to actually attempt being more than one unit/person/desire for a while(the length of time depends on the type of sex as well as the personal make up of at least one of those engaged...even if it is auto-erotic).

    But in the end, it is for a purpose beyond 'adventure'. To feel safe with the person that you are trying to bring life into the world with.

    The world's definition of sex is not the final word. God's is.

    Thanks for bothering to explore it without trying to glamorise it.


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